RAILA ODINGA is living in a fool’s paradise! He will be arrested and charged with treason on December 12

..Harrison Kinyanjui accused Raila Odinga of living in a fool’s paradise by deceiving himself that he can be sworn in as President of Kenya.

Kinyanjui said the moment Raila Odinga will swear himself in as the President of Kenya, he will be arrested and charged with treason.

According to the vocal lawyer, anyone who tries to swear himself as President of Kenya should be charged with treason which attracts a death penalty.

He said Raila is not above the law and he will be arrested if he makes the silly move.


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  1. On 12th December, Raila will come up with another story just to keep his supporters guessing. He lost the opportunity and he now has nothing to do. You will not see Wetangula near Raila's so called swearing site because he (Weta) understands the law.

  2. Raila is only Trying to trush the MOU by keeping Himself busy, Kalonzo wake up

  3. He must appease his gods people!!!

    He is looking forward to getting arrested but I doubt whether UHURUTO have that in their minds

  4. Arresting Raila is the only method he wants to start a crisis in the country he failed to bring in his weapons and as much as we know they have enough uniform for the NRM or NRA whichever they love, the calling for their supporters to be armed is one way of justifying the police action. So by arresting him he feels and thinks his own and supporters MUST start a revolution for his release.


  6. It time Raila go home on retire and enjoy his pension with his wajukuus.

  7. The guy is Done, Should rest in peace.

  8. The guy is Done, Should rest in peace.

  9. Even the look on Raila's face betrays him, he looks frustrated and hopelessly beaten. Go baba go its time for eternal retirement.

  10. Go baba go! Let your grandsons continue with the show.

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