RAILA ODINGA is a gambler and he has no plan for himself or anyone - MUTAHI NGUNYI vomits again

..no plan?”

“Is it possible that he is just a reckless gambler who depends on nothing but the rhythms of the dark gods?”

“Is it possible that Raila's political persona suffers from a multiple personality disorder? ''Mutahi posed.

“He told us that he had a tallying center, it turned out to be worse than a Kariobangi cyber cafe, zero input.”

“Then he told us he had 10 million strong but in August he was only 6 million strong, In October he had fallen to 70,000 strong, then he told us there would be no elections on October 26, then elections happened.”

“Now he has formed a National Resistance Movement, another grand invention with a fancy name that would amount to absolutely nothing.”

“And so I ask, is Raila the blind philosophical man in a dark room chasing a black cat which is not there?'' he added.


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  1. That gentile masquerading as Joshua the Israelite is an agent of Beelzebul is a con

  2. Am an ODM die-hard but I concur with Mr. Mutahi. Raila has wasted a lot of time for so many people. Sometime I feel as if others (Jubilee) see as Luos as idiots and idlers. Let me not comment further because it is painful. Last protest against IEBC and elections, it is only Luo Nyanza where there was destruction of life and property all in the name of Raila Amollo. Mr. Mutahi is right on this one.

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