RAILA ODINGA begs DONALD TRUMP to assist him in formation of Nusu Mkate Government with UHURU

..turn Kenya into a dictatorship and urged the Donald Trump led administration to stop him. 

The former Premier said the repeat elections of October 26th were conducted despite the IEBC saying it was not ready.

However, international partners including the US okayed the process, claimed Raila.

“In this crisis, the US and other pro-democracy friends chose to avert their gaze from the unfolding electoral lawlessness and continued against all the evidence to support a deeply tainted electoral process,” he added.

He concluded by asking the US to stop supporting the rotten regime of Kenyatta who he said is a dictator.


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  2. Ooops! Raila you never stop to cry even at your age. You know what? You allowed yourself to be taken captive by Orengo. He is busy setting you up with all sorts demands which can not fly. When you opt to thrive in deceit you better know everyone is not like you local Kenyan supporters you left back home who do not try to think through your lies. For your information, we here in the US are not fools and certainly even the Trump adminstration is not. You can not accuse the diplomats in Kenya of not supporting you and your wild claims and expect their governments will. That is lack of tact. It was a silly mistake to squander your chance to win the October 26 election when you withdrew on flimsy and unfounded impractical demands you called 'irreducible minimum' that kept growing by day. We feel sorry gor you because you did not go back to the Supreme Court to request for clear finger prints of those that you say bungled the elections. You really let the Supreme Court down, if only you would know. You are now looking desperate and confused. All the options you are jumping on to will not help you in acheiving your primary goal. How could you misguide elected leaders from your coalition to boycott their National Assembly and Senate duties, allowing laws to be legislated without their input? For you to isolate three of the local well performing companies and ask your support base to start an embergo on goods and services of these companies in the market was like shooting your own foot. Some of your supporters will obviously be declared redundant. For how long can this strategy hold up? The last time we checked, these companies have reorganized their marketing strategy to adjust their supply chain and focus. The intended econmic hurt is not working, certainly not. The main knee jack pain is now being felt by workers who have been let go until further notice. These are some of your supporters and as holiday season approaches they will not afford to treat their families. Some wonder if you have plans to share the funds you get from the dinner dance your small supporters in the US raise for you. Well, I hope you and your wife will take some goodies to your support base.

  3. Raila, you have lied and pretended for too long but one can never lie forever. This is why envoys cannot be with you as you craft baseless plunder for your own nation , just to be president.
    It is only thoughtless people or power hungry ones who can walk this diabolical journey with you.
    The hatred your disciples are pouring out against some citizens of this nation is despicable.
    Besides all this, you, Babu Owino and the other coast mama lack capacity to take this God's nation to the devil with Tibim and Tialala.
    You will just be CONSUMED. MARK THESE WORDS.

  4. Very well said anonymous 07:16

  5. RAILA = Riots, Aggression, Intimidation Lies Always

  6. But why is raila going on shamelessly lying the electoral process was tainted knowing very well that even the evidence they adduced in court,they are the ones who changed the correct form 34s through Akombe and Nyaiyaki and gave the judges the fake ones. Do raila think all the people are fools??. Orengo ana Anyang Nyongo are among thosr of his people who really mislead him. Even Trumps administration are not idiots and i heard Trump himself warn those who perrenially say elections are rigged to stop it and concede defeat even before the elections were done. Therefore Raila i dont know who will really help you to overthrow Uhuru's democratically elected government necausr Trump told the likes of you to voncede even before the elections were done.

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