RAILA confirms that KALONZO is headed to Jubilee after UHURU bribed him with Sh 38 million for his WIFE

..advantage of the situation,” Raila said.

Raila claimed that some Government operatives had also approached him with Sh25bn to persuade him to drop his hard stand, an offer he rejected.

He also claimed that the Government is planning to invade Wiper Party by creating a ministerial position for Kalonzo, a plan he says won't succeed.

"They will dangle a position for him in Cabinet and thereafter raid Wiper to ensure its MPs cross over to Jubilee because they want Kenya to be a single party.”

“That will not work," said Raila.

There has been a rumour that President Uhuru Kenyatta gave Kalonzo Sh 38 million to airlift his sick wife to a Germany hospital.


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  1. Jubilee has done to Kalonzo what has Nasa done to him.You lean your shoulder where you can be comforted.Is Nasa noty planning to dump him and if so is it wrong for Kalonzo to get refugee where he can get peace.

  2. Am no Wiper's supporter, but I can help Kalonzo with the bill. It is devastating to have a sickly relative then people are not able to separate politics from personal issues. The man is suffering and Baba should be asking supporters to help him. To hell with this kind of politics.

  3. raila,kalonzo is the incoming prime minister-hio kiti si ya mama ya mtu ati lazima iwe yako! inclusivity sio tu wewe,prime minister of Kenya is kalonzo-deputised by ababu and Hassan omar!prof mwamaka

  4. Raila Odinga stop fooling Kenyans you are not worth that much neither is any other Kenyan, and if your fellow principle Hon Kalonzo Musyoka is having financial difficulties you Mudavadi and Weta are not Kenyans of cheap means and can assist no matter the amount after all you spent billions in campaigns, not unless your team is mean and Kalonzo will follow those that answer him in times of difficulties.

  5. i wonder why Raila can not sacrifice even a little of the pay-bill donations to assist his colleague and co-principal Kalonzo. Any responsible and intelligent person would do what kalonzo is alleged to be doing for the sake of his family

  6. Is Kalonzo that desperate to warrant all these comments? I think he can afford to treat his wife in any hospital, any country. Hope he wont be that cheap, again, to be bought at the expense of democracy. He had, after all, promised never to betray the people again through watermellonism.

  7. Raila is bent on tearing MOU

  8. A friend is one that comes to your rescue when you are difficulties. If indeed Uhuru assisted Kalinzo with 38 million, then he should dump NASA immediately. Raila never gives out even a cent. Instead he will even want Kalonzo to give him money for his NRM. That is why God will never Raila to be president.

  9. Don't drag the almighty God into this muddy discussion of Kenyan politics. As for Mr. Kalonzo joining the jubilee, only time will tell because Mr. Kalonzo himself is not so stupid to forget of what the two rogue presidential idiots and fraudsters did to him in 2013.Moreover, let us embrace national harmony and unity as this country does not belong to one tribe alone. As a common mwananchi who is eking out a living from the daily struggle and sweat of his efforts, what gain would you get by bad mouthing a particular community or tribe? My brother, in as much as we may differ on political issues, we must endeavor to apply brakes on our lips in order to foster the friendship and brotherhood among us. We did not choose to be borne in Kenya and by extention, to be a luo or a kikuyu or a mkamba or a luhya or a nandi or a mdigo.....name them. Its high time we shook off the deep seated tribal suspicion within us and move together as one country. The clarion call of the Jubilee Party should be upheld at all times, and not be just a mere call i.e read Tuko Pamoja.

  10. Can RAO really part with his cash?Where is our canaan ticket money? Can'the share even 10M with his brother? Pledging 100K is like an insult

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