RAILA asks ICC to come for UHURU/ RUTO again and begs TRUMP’s help before Kenya slides into anarchy

..injured by the police during a confrontation in Baba Dogo, Raila said the current situation in the country would turn ugly if a solution is not reached urgently.

The NASA leader accused President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, of engaging in hate and incitement politics instead of preaching reconciliation and seeking an end to the current political impasse.

“They (Uhuru/Ruto) are pushing the country into a precipice.”

“Instead of apologizing, they are inciting people,” Raila said.

“We need the international community to intervene at this stage…there is going to be turmoil in our country if the international community does not act now,” he added.


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  1. Wolf crier always and ever even when he himself is the problem. International community should come for him, not Uhuru and Ruto!!!.

  2. Hear who is crying wolf? This good gentleman yelling has been all over telling any would be listener that the country will not be governed by the Jubilee Government. They have never talked of their supporters causing chaos but have always asked the NASA brigade to respect the law. However all falls on dumb NASA brigade. Right now, some Nairobi slums are almost no go zones for Jubilee supporters. It is not the whole country but areas where the majority are not even NASA supporters but members of Luo ethnic community who have chosen to blindly follow Ho. RAO whether he is right or wrong. Remember the Katiba is right because baba has read and said so of yesteryears. I think ICC has one major suspect it the NASA brigade. Please come baby come ICC

  3. There will be no turmoil.

  4. Raila is like the wife who beats the husband and is at the time crying for people to come and help her. RAO is a shrewd contriver!!!

  5. Mary Nduata and those who have negative comments isn't it true People are being killed in this country without any reason? What is the reason for the killings? Even police are those days throwing stones instead of protecting. Why did you People bury Msando's chopped hand????????

  6. mattio red just tell us have you seen those reckless youth asking police for teargas? advise them to stay at home.

  7. He is the one causing mayhem and then asking the International community to intervene. It's ok as he has proved to the whole world that he is the cause of all this unrest being experienced in the Country. Wacha aendelee kujishtaki

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