OTIENDE AMOLO reveals exactly how RAILA’s resistance movement will work - UHURU didn’t see this coming

..avenue of having honest and serious discussions both at the national and county level.”

“We will probably consider whether that discussions fixed at one place like Nairobi or make it rotational,” Amolo said.

The Rarieda MP warned President Uhuru Kenyatta that it was just a matter of time before Kenyans overthrow him.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta can only exercise power as donated by people.”

“If people recall that power, then you must relinquish that power,” he said.


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  1. i will wait to see a bunch of luos overthrow the gava using stones.Kenyans are tired of this jaluo nonsense and its a matter of time they face them head on and help the police finish those stone age fighters.

  2. Raila is expired goods that need to be dumped into the sewer for good. He is a man who dreams big but incapable of delivering when it counts. All the same he have tarnished his reputation to a point that no community except Luos trust him.
    He is a man who incites the poor Luos but never comes through with functional ideas to serve their needs. Just be serious and focus on his 20 years as MP of Kibra slums, leader ofLuo Nyanza and other areas dominated by Luo. Their signature is poverty, riots and business destructions that never end. As a result, he have secluded other communities who are scared of his leadership as a national leader. As we speak, he should just retire and enjoy his last few years with his family.

  3. Otiende wants to take over Luo Nyanza after baba..competing against Orengo.....

  4. That is an exercise in futility, they will be heading nowhere with their wishful thinking.

  5. And the people of Kenya have done exactly that, bwana wakili! We donated the power to UhuruRuto kwa debe, organized by iebc.
    Hii assembly yenu ni illegal meeting of unregistered nyanza re....nary monument. Period.

  6. And who are people in this case? Luos? Please grow up.

  7. I find this interesting.

    Uhuru did not vote for himself.

    All those 7 plus million voted were cast by real human beings who are his supporters; they are people's votes.

    NASA was given a chance to [participate in elections but it opted not to participated. Well and good that is their democratic right. Those who wanted to vote did vote. So wacheni makelele mob.

    The country has to move on; at least for those who want to move on. For those who do not, let them be too.

    We should not forget that Kenya is all ours and we have to learn to coexist with one another and with each other.

    We common mwananchi interact freely regardless of our tribes. It is leaders like you who want to bring divisions among us.

    The challenges facing the common mwananchi are the same either in Gatundu or Siaya. It is your bad politics that is driving divisions in Kenya. We the common mwananchi will not let let that happen.


  8. Bwana ombudsman first before giving us empty plans retire first so that we know you are serious people and everyone of you should follow suite.

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