ORENGO chased out of a Nairobi hotel like a dog for misleading RAILA! He should not have boycotted poll

..were meeting at a city hotel accused Orengo of butchering Raila's real chance at the Presidency'.

Similar sentiments were aired by Opposition supporters online on Tuesday after Raila made his much awaited 'major announcement'.

Supporters said the speech by their leader lacked 'clarity and vigor'.

"You either write a recession or concession speech, Baba you have let us down.”

“Was waiting for a clear way out,” Dominic Omondi said 

"Am I the only one thinking that Orengo threw the People's President under the bus by advising him to withdraw from the polls?" James Madiko asked.


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  1. Angeshidwa ata kama angekuwa kwa ballot on 26th october.....urogi urogi ni kitu haina nguvu.....ni ushetani tuu..

  2. The only man standing

  3. There was no chance for anyone apart from the incubent president coz of match fixing. Otengo was 100% correct coz that was the better option!!!

  4. This was such a costly decision for us NASA, we wished there was a chance for a second decision. Baba and Orengo are now dictating us. On a sincere note is NASA a second revolution for dictatorship (Whatever BABA says is FINAL) wana NASA lets open our EYES before we are in another DEEP.

  5. James Madiko, I share your view and in fact, I have been on record saying that Orengo is the worst enemy from within ODM or NASA for that matter. The journey Orengo set out for Raila was totally misconceived right from the start. Orengo's bias for the law as the panacea to all the societal and political leadership issues that affect us a nation. The tribal, attitude and behavior traits will never be resolved in the court room nor in the streets. The idea that street protests in peace or not will always deliver positive results is a misplaced dogma. I have heard people suggesting that Orengo's goal is to expedite a political irrelevance for the ODM party ti pave way his take over the party's leadership in the hope of ascending to presidency.

  6. You know Orengo is our in-law....what did you expect???

  7. NASA idiots. You could not even see that Orengo was building his name. He actually wanted baba to destroy himself as he has done now. Orengo wanted to be the Luo supremo after Raila has finished himself as he has done. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with Mudavadi and Kalonzo. They can't see what was and is happening; NASA is an ODM affair. Only wise people like Omar, Musila, and other Kamba MPs saw and understood the game being played by RAO and Orengo. Am also out.

  8. urogi urogi kwanialigora mamako mjinga wewe

  9. You do not aknowledge GOD almighty and idolize a man as GOD, tower of Barbel and crumble is inevitable.
    You put a Nation under GOD IN ANGUISH AND TURMOIL,incite for animosities and division of GOD'S PEOPLE who otherwise co-exist so that you may seize power by underhanded means. You can only crumble. Hard hearts, hear if you have ears.

  10. James Orengo misadvised our president. Orengo, are you a Jubilee mole? This thing was ours and baba was to win.

  11. Orengo is the course not witchcraft as our oppenents say.

  12. Nobody Is more happy of orengo than uhuruto,he has finished baba for them.he tricked baba to boycott elections telling him "there will be no elections in Kenya" but a constitutional crisis. now baba's last bullet has hit a sandbag ,his only remaining goose has been slaughtered by his tyranny of brains lawyer----you were so emphatic on "NO ELECTIONS"--NOW uhuru is on the way to being sworn in as the CIC,you try subversion /revolution and KDF will crush you while hague will be on your heels ....pole baba but blame your friend orengo! Prof Mwamaka

  13. Don't be cheated...Nasa wrath is soon hitting the economy.Uthamaki will be the first victims.Lets see who will cry most. The elections were a sham

  14. Are you sure that Orengo is not working for JUBILEE?. He has been misleading Baba because of what happened when he vied for Presidency. He could not garner votes equivalent to cost of Nyong'o breakfast at Serena.

  15. Surely this was another tower of babel. God has crambled their languages. No one should joke with power of prayers, they can cramble a mountain and effortlessly.

  16. Hahaaaaaaa

  17. Nasa guys have mocked God. What do you expect. Na bado.

  18. Orengo is clearly making a way for himself. He wants to bury Raila in the hope of succeeding him in politics and become a Luo king pin himself.

  19. I saw this from 18. Orengo was cutting his niche. By advising Raila to petition the 08/08 elections and winning it after Orengo's machination with Nyailaki the registrar, Raila put all his trust in him. Baba had even declared that courts were nt an option this time round, since 'wakitangaza tunatangaza'' was well on track. Little did he know he was putting his last nail on his political coffin. I doubt baba has any card left on him. He is broke, he cannot prosecute another petition. He has left the civil societies to pursue it in the SC. NRM is a mission in futility. We will miss you baba, byeeeee...!!!!


  21. That's what happens when others carry the brains for you.

  22. Baba is in this shit for trusting Orengo, I saw it from far what orengo says Baba ana fwata without second thought,sasa suppoters boycotting some products hahaha while in reality majority can only afford single meal per day and in the meantime the big bosses there single meal is like they are feeding the entire town, Kenyans it is high time we reason before taking action .if they really mean business tell the suppoters to quit there job too in those companies, politicians has to stop this games they play with supporters.

  23. Orongo has been activist since UoN days, what else can we expect from him other than activism? Now these clownish politicians are in military fatigues, and that is all the rage since Jubilee's red October gear were unleashed by women brigands. Nasa Feeling left behind have come up with army green outfit with Maoish caps. Wait until they mess up this beautiful country and the real boots hit the ground and start kicking ass. They will wish they never saw olive green or red drapes in their sorry-arse lives. And that joker of an arabishque clown at the coast thinks secession is cheap like his bangi? Let him look at Saharawi, Somalia and it's breakaway units, South Sudan, and Eritrea and learn something. He must be dreaming the Ali Baba kind of abracadabra dream. Someone at that coast should thumb his nose pap!

  24. i feel orengo is shaping up, cashing from baba and marketing himself as a product after baba.

  25. Whether Raila was on the ballot or not would not have made a difference. Raila would still have lost as the results had already been predetermined.

    If he was on the ballot he would have the chance to petition but again it would leave him with egg in the face if he would have lost the petition in the same courts that had annulled August 8th. What would he tell his supporters? Either way you look at it he was damned if he participated and damned if he withdrew. By withdrawing he can still appeal to his supporters as he has not acknowledged are aided an Uhuru win.

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