ODM MP reveals why ORENGO is missing in action after misleading RAILA ODINGA like a warthog

..Friday, Ugunja MP, Opiyo Wandayi dismissed the rumour and said Orengo has been missing in action because he is handling a serious gubernatorial case in Siaya.

"There is no need to panic because he is working on a case that involves Governor Amoth Rasanga," Wandayi said 

“That does not mean that he is missing in action.”

“There are a lot he is doing that does not necessarily need media attention,” Wandayi added.

On Tuesday, Raila Odinga hinted that Orengo was away in Siaya for an ‘important' matter’.


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  1. Important matter defending IEBC

  2. If Sr. Counsel Orengo was busy with petition court matters for an ODM governor of Siaya facing challenge from an independent candidate, why not just say it. The degree of transparency is a matter of great importance and in particular for the NASA leader and for him. There is not a doubt that pulling out his candidature, was the most sad reality and those who prevailed on him to boycott the election without sound merit was very unwise and unpatriotic. To even advice Kenyan voters who support NASA not to comw and vote was indeed absurd. If anyone thought and expected majority of Kenyans to heed that call and stay away was just but a dreamer. The worst was for the NASA support base in 4 counties to take the law upon themselves and prevent IEBC to set up and open polling stations for any voters to exercise their constitutional civil right and duty. Out of the 47 counties only these 4 could not hold the election for the sake of safety of IEBC staff and voters. Obviously, this was a miscalculated option form of mistaken belief that majority of Kenyans were incapable to making their own decision and do what is right. NASA Principals can sense and feel the pain. They also see the NRM strategy as an other poorly thought knee-jack reaction that is doomed after the Canaan journey has colapsed.

  3. This journey to Canaan is long.. yawa. Safari ndefu hii

  4. I pity the old Rao. His greed for power, his advanced age, his fear of loss of another support by kalonzo, mdvd & joho, his zero care of the lives & fate of his luo supportes made him susceptible to misleading by orengo

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