MUTAHI NGUNYI breathing fire after BABU OWINO told NASA men to open KIKUYU LADIES’s ‘servers’ by force

...asked NCIC and FIDA to explain to Kenyans why they are silent yet Babu Owino is spitting raw sewage against Kikuyu women.

He said if NCIC and FIDA fail to take any steps towards Owino, he will assume they are sympathisers and captives of NRM leader, Raila Odinga.

Did Babu Awino call for the RAPE of 'Njeris' when he RUN HIS MOUTH in Kibera? Shouldn’t FIDA or NCIC take him ON? Or is FIDA also Co-opted by Raila?” Mutahi said.

Here is Babu Owino’s abusive video…


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  1. Severe verbal diarrhoea

  2. Indeed, we are so worried about what Babu Owino said, CALLING FOR KIKUYU women to be raped. This hatred for Kikuyus is going too far. Do Kikuyus deserve to be in Kenya or do they not? Huu wivi na chuki ni zaidi. May the Lord come down.

  3. I watch the video, listen as Babu Owino calls for violence and rape of Kikuyu women. I cannot help wondering what Millie is laughing about. How far have we sank! Should Babu even have the audacity of talking that kind of language in Millie's presence?
    What is truly observable is this, ngoma ikilia sana hupasuka.
    This has gone beyond limit and we can only wait for the outcome soon. DIVINE INTERVENTION!!!!

  4. Nikipata nafasi naweza finya hi kihii makende


  6. I can only leave Kenyans with these wise words from Martin Luther King Jr: In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

  7. This boy should be circumcised by force maybe by then she will get some manners.

  8. Every market has its mad man, Babu is a mad mad bewiched by baba uchawi like the few luo fanatics, the problem is it's very expensive for baba to financehis juju men coz he has alredy sacrificed his family, it will come back to him when he will not be able to satisfy the devil.

  9. owino and his baba should be booked in as candidate for ICC...crime against humanity

  10. These two women are the worst, their true colours have come out fortunately. The fact that they can be happy and show support openly when such a person as owino diarrheas such hatred against fellow women is a cause of serious concern. How safe could we all be if these guys could any chance ascend to power???? Not at all. This is serious and should be discussed not only in the country but internationally.

  11. The devil's agent at his best. All the witchcraft will go back to him coz it would'nt affect Kikuyu community at all, we are a God fearing people and covered by the blood of the lamb(Jesus Christ). He bragged and displayed his wife who is a Kikuyu. May i ask whwther he will start by giving her to his ihii people to open her server first and leave it open as he us advocating.Kibera mongrels have no manners. And Millie Odhiambo and Wanga loughs as uf theybare men when he says how Kikuyu women should be treated!!. Thats hos low we have really sank as a nation.

  12. He has crossed the red line against women. He should be arrested and jailed for life without trial. Rape is gender based violence against women. An international crime. United Nations, take action if Kenya Government can't.

  13. he has a kikuyu wife does it mean he rapes her everyday? how is his wife different form any other kikuyu woman. shame shame shame ! its only a fool who cuts the same branch that he is sitted on.

  14. Who elected this mad boy??????

  15. Babu Owino will be the next King of the Foreskins when Raila is dead.

  16. This boy is mad and should be ignored at all costs. I pity his Kikuyu wife she deserves better. Radi yenye itachapa Babu Owino bado inafanya pressups. Chuki ni ya nini?

  17. Paul Ongili should tame his tongue before it is too late.

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