MUDAVADI behaves like a 15 year old fat kid, he laughed when NASA joked about my oddly big derriere - OMAR

..Amani National Congress (ANC) leader, Musalia Mudavadi, laughed at him after he was attacked over his physical looks instead of castigating such unfortunate remarks.

“I can tell you without fear of contradiction that there is no issue-based politics anymore in this platform called NASA.”

“And I can tell you, Musalia Mudavadi was laughing like a 15-year-old when they said that,” Omar said.

He also said he has no apologies to make for dumping NASA to Jubilee.

He said NASA is full of rotten leaders while Jubilee is full of development oriented leaders led by their commander President Uhuru Kenyatta.


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  1. Mudavadi always was a voice of reason and always carried himself with decorum and was known not to be abusive. his new persona since joining NASA is unfortunate. Leaders should learn to be issue based and leave their personal grudges out of matters to avoid polarizing the population.

  2. Can of all people Mudavadi afford to laugh at anybody's size of the body.

  3. True. NASA iS not issue based but this time round they have sunk to the deepest echelons of triviality. They have all acquired Babu Owino's pesonality. True, Mudavadi used to be a respectable man that I WOULD VOTE FOR PRESIDENT ANY DAY but he has lost it all.
    He might have been influenced by the Tibim and Tialala spirit which they think is a joke.
    Millie Odhiambo is too far gone. She grimaces like a fool when 28 'teenager' Babu Owino is vomiting despicables.

  4. Among all the leaders in NASA including RAO himself have gone ahead to cheer Babu Owino. Though Uhuru has called people wakora and mganga have you noticed leaders in Jubilee do not cheer and believe this is in the spur of the moment! The only concern is the insistence of the abuses by babu Owino and the cheering that confirms they are aware of what they are doing! I'm trying to imagine uhuruto with a continuous abuse of an elderly man of RAO stature and see supporters clapping like crazy.......

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