MILLIE ODHIAMBO says she doesn’t recognize UHURU as President of Kenya – I only know of RAILA

…our own country'.

She lamented the frequent harassment of the people of Migingo and Nyatike by Ugandan security forces who extort fishermen on the Kenyan side.

The lawmaker further noted that the man "who purports to be President" should clearly protect the territorial integrity of Kenya as he swore to do.

Millie also asked the Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinett, to perform his duties of protecting the territorial integrity of the entity called Kenya.

On Tuesday, Uganda policemen arrested over 22 Kenyan fishermen whothey accused of fishing in Ugandan territory.


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  1. Kenyans are aware that Millie cannot politically survive on her own without mentioning and praising Raila. So she will remain Raila's slave until she acquires her independence from the Lord of Poverty.

  2. Meanwhile, she is earning salary from the Government that President Uhuru is leading.What a cheat and con?

  3. Neither do I recognise it husband, nataka hiyo kitu...

  4. She need not recognize him, she did not elect him in the first place, hopeless barren mule.

  5. the two baboon-looking women,millie and wanga are merely behaving true to type.not only do i sympathize with them,but I am also praying for them to behave adults' age.a tall-order considering that their problem is cultural.

  6. Raila left Kibra after 25years as Mp with flying toilets after squandering CDF, Millie We are not fools

  7. Raila's hallmark are a Bloody Trail and Flying Shit yaack!

  8. She is ill mannered, her and the other lady. Why do they behave like an uneducated women? Full of vulgar language and mannerless.

  9. I I for one as a woman don't expect this woman to respect a y other man but her baba who like seeing women's wearing underpants any way she respect of her body remember striping in the parliament world watching what a does a sting stupid idiot woman why does she not behaves like other decent learned mother s.shame on her.

  10. Forget about recognition and boycotting products and services . . . Why don't you - NASA - surpporters discard the use of our LEGAL TENDER - our CURRENCY NOTES - since they bear the picture of UHURU'S Father?

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