MARAGA’s Chief of Staff, DENNIS OKELO goes to exile after being exposed how he faked Forms 34 in RAILA’s petition

..were alleged to have presented fake evidence to the Supreme Court to nullify President Kenyatta’s win on September 1.

Okello is said to have fled to the United States after realizing that he may be put in jail for trying to subvert the will of Kenyans by presenting fake evidence.

However, Okello’s close friends have revealed that he fled the country because he thought that he might be the next target of assassination by Jubilee government.

He said some unknown men have been following him over the past one week and he thinks he might be assassinated like Chris Musando.


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  1. Let all these Los leave our country, go to USA. After all you have a Jaluo, in America. He has a place for you ! Idiots, leave ! The Los are using their chaos to seek refuge in America, please leave ! Kenya, would be better, without you !
    Pissed off Kenyan

  2. obviously he was paid by power hungry moron to submit fake or forged ones by babu.....
    He obvioysly is more target in that uncle sam place coutersy police who turn black to corpses in seconds gor reason at all.

  3. judiciary is not above law....there should be an arn og gava checking them...

  4. Excellent! The otehr criminals who faked documents like Esther Philomena Mwilu and Lenaola should also flee. We are tired of this circus

  5. When did we come to this? Evidence testing has never gone this low? I smell injustices all over

  6. who wants to kill these stupid ugly negroes who keep wailing for nothing.Every kenyan is tired of you greedy lazy foreskins


  8. And this mother of five each from a different father, yet let to decide on crucial matters of our nation,makes us feel very insecure.
    If she cannot make good decisions about her own life-ni kuzaazaa tu kama mukorobia with different men in judicial circles and elsewhere, how can she be trusted with the fate of Kenya!
    Her power has emanated from neck down not neck up. Such is why Kenya is in chaos now. Her judgments are written by the current husband who might be the 7th. She even gets problems reading them because she has not written them and even when written, she cannot comprehend them. At school including university , she used to pass just marginally but is excellent at using bottom power all the way. Kenya needs divine intervention.

  9. This is a nonentity...not worth talking about....he may migrate to the north pole for all we care.

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