MARAGA will uphold UHURU/ RUTO’s victory this time round! SHOCK on RAILA ODINGA and his followers

Tuesday November 7, 2017 - Tourism Cabinet Secretary, Najib Balala, has asked Chief Justice David Maraga to uphold President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory because all those who are challenging his win have a weak case.

Balala, who was speaking on Tuesday at Mama Ngina Secondary School in Mombasa, said cases filed by former Kilome MP, Harun Mwau, activist Njonjo Mue and Khelef Khalif do not hold water. 

Mue is the chairperson of…

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  1. Obvious case is weak and as duch Uhuruto will win and eventually be sworn in.

  2. raira meza wembe....ama tumia wembe kuwa mwansume ata kama miaka imesonga..

  3. Maraga also knows it is the truth. He gave NASA a second chance and see what they have made of it. Now they are all over the place ati NRM. Initially it was Chloba must go, now it is Safaricom, what next ?

  4. mtu ya nrm...ata aende mars wacha usa awezi pata Urais kenya...hana kura na ata track record ya develpment ni zero...... broke nrm...

  5. harun is just busy body out there wanting to seek attention.....amekula nakumatt alafu akauza shares zake......this is way of doing things.....nothing works ..

  6. madawa and corruption fights ni kweli....reason we have groundless petitions by yester years people from dead dog eating counties...

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