LUO youths tell RAILA ODINGA to call off the boycott of Safaricom - We are suffering like lonely dogs

..the call to boycott certain products and services.

The caucus's chairman, Roy K’Obwanga, said that the region is suffering economically and a different path should be taken.

“The National Youth Council, in partnership with Uwezo Fund and the Youth Fund, mobilised resources in connection with Safaricom and gave many young people M-Pesa outlets all over the country.”

“It is so sad when leaders call for banning of these shops when the same youths are servicing loans acquired to set up the shops, without giving alternatives to the same,” Obwanga said.

The group added that the boycott can only be felt in Luo Nyanza and that other regions affiliated with the party are conducting business as usual.


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  1. It is your lives vijana that the rich like Odinga, want to play with and you should ready to defend your livelihoods. His family is having 5-course meal every day as he lives in his 2 billion house in Kisumu and other houses in Nairobi of similar value. Wake up and know that whether President Uhuru of Former PM takes over leadership of Kenya, you and me will continue providing for our family needs, coz none of them will do it.

  2. Raila is the Bitter Cross Luos will have to carry till death.Prepare for more pain ,sorrow and misery in Nyanza as the Luo Supremo(BABA) demands more blood and sacrifice from his own to appease the Devil.What a Life!!

  3. Boycott for your own good may be Raila will bring a plate of food on your table

  4. Am a luo and I wonder how can I boycott and yet am working in one of Safari com urgent confused

  5. Dont complain just use your common sense

  6. Luo Nyanza need to wake up and refuse to be used by this guy and his friends. They don't care about you as they pretend. They only care about themselves and how to ascend to the high seat through using you guys. Wake up Kenyans...refuse to be brain washed. This guy is not good...he is even become a senile. He has no value for your lives. He is a dictator as most of you know...if you open your minds you would clearly see who this evil man is in reality.

  7. This boycott call is meant to make people suffer. Then they will rise against the government.

    This is sabotage. Or subversion. Or both.

  8. Msichoke, throw stones up to next year August, who cares?

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