KHALWALE tracked down by CID assassins, found at Panari Sky Centre at 2am! He may have died today! SHOCKING

..remarks, Khalwale alleged that CID assassins in two cars were trying to eliminate him inside Panari Sky Centre in Nairobi on Saturday.

The outspoken lawmaker added that he was stalked up to 2.00am Sunday morning.

"@JBoinnet, @FredMatiangi, fellow Kenyans, my life is in eminently danger!”

“Last night, at 9.30pm, men in two cars claiming to be from flying squad, stormed a Nairobi hotel 2 arrest me.”

“They refused to identify themselves 2 hotel authorities but stalked me up to 2.00am this morning!" Khalwale said.


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  2. Is it true ?

    Please heavens, when will we see this swine dead? Please Khalwale die ! so that we can have peace ! Any one who wants this dog dead, kill him if you can !!

    Why do we hear this people claim that, they are being hunted, yet we do not see them dead ?

    There should be better killers, if there are any available, to do a better job !!

  3. angaisha yeye kabisa ndio aache upuzi

  4. Chungeni maisha yenu nyinyi. Big Brother is watching you. Preach peace or else you will reap what you sow.

  5. kikuyus and your maggot heads, jiggers, donkey rapists, thieves, machokora, pumbavu. salimieni hizo warthogs

  6. kalwale should behave like a leader not like a thug. and tell your thieves to stop stealing bananas and machungwa ya wa mama. shame on them. why should they take advantage of their silly mandamano to steal from others.

  7. Khalwale's life in danger, CID assasins following him up to 2.00am and found him at panari sky centre. hii jambazi sugu what is he doing out there paka saa 2.00 in the morning does he have wife???? God take care of her.

  8. The post of 21:56 appears to be from someone annoyed that they support a mganga who is a perennial loser. The mganga should become a fisherman and Kalonzo becomes the leader of NASA. In the meantime, luo youths stop being cheated by Raila. He is taking you nowhere.

  9. Not as guilty Khalwale as.... what is that little guilt you have mheshimiwa?

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