I am ready to face the death sentence – RAILA tells CNN as he vows to swear himself as President of Kenya in 2 weeks’ time

..sworn in by the people through his People's Assembly as the Constitution clearly says the sovereignty lies with the people.

Raila also told CNN that he will give President Uhuru's Government sleepless nights until he is ejected from office.

He swore that Kenyans will get electoral justice and the right to their democratic freedom.

If he swears himself in, Odinga risks being hanged for treason.

He said he is ready to fight for electoral justice.


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  1. Mathare hospital material

  2. if the servers were never opened where did raila get his figures? AMA he was cheated by akome? Too sad,he should show evidence.He was then cheated by orengo by boycotting elections there would be no elections! Somebody should guard this old guard rest he does the slobadan .He is so stressed to do the Samson ngunyi prophesied !

  3. Electoral justice has already been achieved in Kenya but then, if justice is not twisted Raila's way, it is not justice.

  4. You can swear yourself in as many times as you want. There are so many people like you in Matheri Mental hospital who claim to be presidents. If I were Uhuru, I would just ignore you. Your relatives should be the ones concerned and I advise them to take you to Matheri for psychiatric care, otherwise very soon you will be walking on the streets naked. I saw you carrying your one leg on top of the car and I confirmed you are suffering from a serious mental problem.

  5. Raila please note these two points below:-
    1) Even if you won the August 8th elections, you went to the Supreme Court and the court declared the presidential election null and void and ordered for a fresh election which was finally held on Oct 26th. The interpretation of the Supreme court ruling is that 'there was no presidential election' on August 8th. So let your lawyers stop misleading you.
    2) If you want to die faster, just take a rope and hang yourself instead of being charged with treason.
    3) I have checked the constitution and I have not seen any section detailing the procedure on how someone can be sworn in as president through the so called peoples assembly.

  6. If all these hullabaloo is to arm twist the Uhuru government into giving you positions in the government, it will not work. You went as far as insulting mama ngina Kenyatta thru your goons and that displeased God almighty. You cannot abuse your mother.

    You celebrated when elections were nullified and your flower girls like Millie odhiambo were sleeping on the floor thanking the devil for the nullification.

    Your lawyer Orengo cheated you into boycotting elections joping for mkate nusu it did not work.

    Give up old man

  7. wish you all the luck and don't postpone it further baba tibin. But make sure babu owino,muthama,orengo,magaya,gladys wanga and millie will decorate the ceremony. will your DP be there? me I will be watching from citizen tv at a safe distance-at least 30 km away!prof mwamaka.

  8. i wish you success in your endeavors, invite each an every world leader, they will be more than eager to attend! Dreams are valid!

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