DUALE is ‘NUNU TERRORIST’ and he wants to kill me! NAZLIN UMAR says and asks UHURU/ RUTO for help

..compromise her security, freedom of speech and other fundamental rights.

Here is Nazlin Umar's emotional statement.

“A harsh twist. Our much-discussed audio has gone viral. It's everywhere online, YouTube, news blogs.....which has endangered me even further...

My life is in serious, serious imminent danger. It's black and white. Intelligence, IG, DPP, NIS are involved. A total dragnet is in place. 

Should I dare talk about it or not. Can I discuss the opening of servers or remain forced into silence even while aggressive online blogging and factories of framing are in place... My untold suffering in this prison of silence continues. No freedom of choice. 

State machinery in full force??! For what? Fruits of extreme psychotic love? This is utterly un-Islamic and inhuman. Is this the culture of the Somali community, their menfolk?

Cc. Uhuru Kenyatta
William Samoei Ruto Don't compromise my security, freedom of speech, movement and other fundamental rights and freedoms as a birth citizen of the Republic of Kenya.

Servant of the people, Nazlin Umar."


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  1. Husband hunting has been taken a notch higher by this lady. If you have to plead with the president, all is not well. When she was enjoying it all she was silent. Why tell all and sundry this time around? Mind your own business.

  2. we are not interested, it's a private issue

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