BOYCOTT! NASA men will not have S3X with LADIES from KIKUYU and KALENJIN anymore - Resist!

..added in the list of things to resist. If you see a lady from central province and Rift Valley, resist! Because otherwise, they are going to jeopardize our movement.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, not in bad faith but the movement in the struggle, we must resist things which can jeopardize our movement,” Masara said.

“My wife went for shopping and I found Bidco products in my house. I poured the oil in the toilet and then went and bought other brands. If you have such products in your house, we are giving you 12 hours to get rid of them.”

“I still have my Safaricom line because I have some money in my MPesa but my official line is Airtel, that is why the phone is bigger than the one with the Safaricom line.”

“It is because I am resisting. I encourage everyone to join the movement so that we can make Kenya a better place to live in," said Masara in Migori.


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  1. But surely do we have any normal Kalenjin or Kikuyu woman that is having sex with Luos! How can they leave their clean men accept the Luos insert their very dirt prepuces in them?

  2. I think some people like Junet or Juliet should grow up.

  3. At least HIV will be kicked out of kikuyu and kalenjin people.jaluos are only good at transmitting HIV.

  4. nani ana haja na hizo mboro zenu zenye zimebeba viini, kaeni nazo ziwalipukie

  5. I have been to Kisumu as recent as last to to perform a medical procedure on a patient who has kidney medical condition that had surpassed dialysis hence my involvement as a nephrology surgeon. What's my point? I am an Embu and a Jubilee supporter and if I had allowed the kind of thinking NASA leaders exibit, I would probably have resisted the call of my ethics and oath as a doctor. Had politics taken the best of my faculties, then this patient who is from Seme would not in present tense at this time. I am due to visit him at a Kisumu hospita next week to review his prognosis as I shall also attend to a few patients in Kisii county. I will not be at any point persuaded by politics in my service to my patients and I hope if a chance also presents itself for me to get intimate to a luo or luhya lady this resist call shall not come calling too. These NASA leaders with such a mental blockage must also realize there are luo women out there seeking none luo clean male partners too. I know three university graduate school luo ladies who have asked me out and I have tried to resist. May be it is time to rethink it.

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