Blasphemy! RAILA says he’s Jesus as he reveals how much UHURU has offered him to abandon the revolution

..entice Opposition politicians with plump Government jobs, money and even threats in order to abandon the journey to Canaan.

The NASA leader revealed that he had already been offered a whooping KSh 25 billion by President Uhuru Kenyatta to abandon his quest for the Presidency.

He was also requested to dump the ongoing boycott of Jubilee friendly products following the divisive polls but he rejected it the same way Jesus rejected temptation from the devil.

“Jubilee Party is watching our every step.”

“They want to know Raila’s every move and I am sure they are listening to what I am saying here,” Raila stated.


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  1. Uhuru and Ruto is time for you to show the world you are the leaders of the great nation don’t have to entertain the goons in any swear by the Bible or Koran to defend the constitution and its people without fear or favour..what happened that hooligans in the name of opposition and Demi gods are allowed to cripple the country for their selfish gains?we need people to volunteer to stand up to this goons and count me I will be the first.i will not wait n see my country going to the drains in the name of power struggle through the backdoor?

    Many countries started this way .its easy to destroy than to make.i am ready to face the goons

  2. Raila you are a self seeker who is heading nowhere. Who cares who boycotts what. Go ahead. What you are doing is telling an eunuch not to marry and he already knows he cannot sustain a marriage. Wake up to reality, you have lost it big time.

  3. shame on you. That is a total lie. you always lie to your goats. you go print fake presidential papers and come back and say....jubilee did. all your foolish deeds are known. Calling yourself Jesus is stupid of you coz as much as we believe in a Living God just few days are remaining for you to be burried. stop mocking God and soon soon your witches will come to an end in Jesus Name we pray.

  4. Enter your comment...Rao is running mad, just wait for him to remove clothes n go naked, n he will get followers.

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