All Supreme Court Judges might be killed like CHRIS MUSANDO - See how they are suffering in silence

Wednesday November 1, 2017 - The Jubilee Government is alleged to have denied a request by Supreme Court judges to provide extra security after Deputy Chief Justice, Philomena Mwilu’s bodyguard was shot by unknown assailants.

According to an impeccable source at the Judiciary, Chief Justice David Maraga wrote to acting Interior Coordination Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiangi, immediately after that requesting more security for the Supreme Court judges.

However, the Minister was…

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  1. they should not fear those dogs who kill cos they too will be killed with undesirable diseases.

    when the people rise against those dogs what will they do: they will be strike with strokes and that's awaits them.

  2. Thought one group said are ready for ultimate price...

  3. akuna heaven...tena....walikuwa tayari for anything...

  4. Many Kenyans died in the battle to liberate this country. We support the CJ 100% and his team in streamlining this country. When a mafia leadership strangles independentinstitutions like Iebc and Judiciary to cling to power by all means by using the law of the jungle. Harassment,threats and intimidation are not only outdated but uncalled for in this era. Thanx to Akombe and Chebuu for exposing them and we now know why Musando had to be eliminated.

  5. Please good people help me understand how someone wants to cling to power?? I though whoever is in power was elected by the people of course the one who had the majority. When you talk of mafia leadership what exactly does one mean. An interesting narrative is emerging that in Kenya there is some dictator who wants to remain in power by all means therefore giving the wrong impression about Kenya. I now know those are just haters whose candidate did not win and so they result to accusing those who won for all the ills on earth. I think some people should style up and talk facts as opposed to rumor mongering.

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