ABABU NAMWAMBA’s fishy dealings within Jubilee exposed - UHURU may chase him away like a stray dog

..purporting to speak for the Luhya community.

He did this in order to be given a State job, while in essence he is a political reject ever since he parted ways with his political godfather - Raila Odinga.

“What is this amorphous council?”

“Who are these professionals?”

“What are their goals?”

“We are professionals but we aren’t aware of the group,” Savula stated.

“Ababu should recognize the fact that the country is torn in the middle and needs healing and not childish activism,” he added.


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  1. Ababu is a brilliant man . No harm him getting a plum government job. He has a lot to offer. He is a guy who recognizes that his brain had better be used in development than in reckless, wasteful and selfish activism. Being an old man is being an old man and it calls for living for a purpose beyond self.

  2. Poor Ababu...you are finished. Kenyans are tired of tumbocrats. This people will use and damp you. you are nolonger relevant. Imagine the bridge you boasted about also collapsed...

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