Women in Kenya demo after RAILA said he wants to see ‘Chupi Za Akina Mama’ during NASA protests.

..participate in demos and inadvertently said "Kesho nataka kuona chupi za akina mama. Pia chupi za vijana wote."

Raila Odinga’s obscene words have elicited a sharp debate from Kenya with many saying he is a pervert who should be rotting in one of the jails in Kenya.

The women who were demonstrating demanded an apology from Raila Odinga for demeaning Kenyan women. 

The women gave Raila 24 hours to apologise or they match to his residence in Karen where they will show him their innerwears infront of his wife, Mama Ida Odinga.


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  1. Enter your comment...and what is new?it didn't take his words for some granny to finger fuck in public.what a damned lot!

  2. He is a real.pervert otherwise why do he want to see women and men innerwares???.

  3. Raila has already gone over the hill ! This man needs prayers for deliverance not condemnation otherwise he should be locked up for his own good!

  4. His wife Ida should take the lead and show us her dark buttocks in his presence and the rest will take heed. It would be quite a show. He can also lead the show by stripping. Silly old man. Does he know the meaning of stripping? I bet he does. I have seen his tribes men, men and women strip and bath in Dunga beach Kisumu but to them that is normal. The rest of us know better.

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