What GEORGE SOROS told RAILA that made him almost collapse in London - Even his chaotic demos can’t save him.

Monday October 16, 2017 - National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, went to London last week to meet associates of American -Hungarian billionaire, George Soros.

Soros, who is one of the most celebrated philanthropist of the 21st century has been funding Raila Odinga’s campaigns since 2007.

The billionaire, who publicly says that there is no God, has funded Raila with money totaling to almost two billion shillings and this is reason he summoned him to London last week.

While in London, Raila met former United Nations Deputy Secretary General, Lord Malloch Brown.

Malloch is a member of Open Society Global Board which was...

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  1. You are wrong Hon. Raila has been winning election ever since 2007 to date.
    the other looter and heads a looting regime can never win any election with all the loots acquired ever since.
    man trust in GOD and know as much as you are a billionaire -there's hell and Heaven. So don't mock GOD: all those billions will vaporize as that of uhuruto is on the process of vaporize.

  2. Has been winning since 2007?,corrections since 1997.I pity you,RAO has never and will never win any election in kenya.

  3. Raila,all the blood you have caused shed in this country God will make you pay through your descendants up to fourth generation coz God is real and He's taking records whether you believe He is there or not!Prof Mwamaka

  4. IF HE WORN THEN WHAT HAPPENED. aND DONT TALK ABOUT HISVOTES RIGGED BECAUSE IT HAS ONLY BEEN PROPAGANDA HE CREATES TO SAVE HIM FROM EMBRASSMENT. JUST AS YOURSELF. IN 2007 RAILA WAS THE STILL IN GOVERNMENT AS PRIME MINISTER AND HIS RUNNING MATE KALONZO VICE PRESIDENT SO BOTH CONTROLED ALL THE GOVERNMENT MACHINERY THEN. UHURU AND RUTO WERE JUST NOBODIES.FOR UHURU TO HAVE STOLEN THE ELECTIONS THEN HE MUST HAVE BEEN VERY SMART.Just think about it. Raila supporters just refuse to see sense and Rao has taken advantage of the fact that they believe him without reasoning. So the rigging propaganda continues and now withdrawing from 26th october election because he can never win and want to safe himselve from embrassment.

  5. Why cant Soros finance Rao medical bill to get chopped balls restored?

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  7. why spend money for loosing candidate who is witchcraft chief and hi sex pest community that are so lazy to even dig pit latrine...

  8. ha ha ha ... they poo ..susu susu all over in dala ...lazy, lazy waiting for babu to be prezo ya dala and bring nys to dig pit latrines for them../
    wangojee 2100 vitu ya mbule..

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