We are going to reclaim our country on Monday! ORENGO assures UHURU/ RUTO they are going down

….safari sasa.”

“Former President Daniel Moi said Kenya is a unitary state but later agreed that we have multiparty after Raila Odinga fought for it," Orengo said.

“Raila Odinga alipambana na Kenyatta wa kwanza mpaka akafa, Moi alienda nyumbani baada ya kufunga Raila, Kibaki joked with Raila and he went home,”

“Uhuru Kenyatta will go home and Raila Odinga will come to be the President of Kenya,” Orengo added.

Orengo added that starting tomorrow, the nation will take a direction President Kenyatta has never known.


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  1. If this Orengo skweed history is anything to bank on, then it is now obvious why our leaders will lie three times a day from each end of their mouth and the center. Kenyans of age a not fools because they witnessed how multi party politics came about and who lead the fight for it and the consequence that followed. Raila was one of them but not the leader. Kenneth Matiba and Charles Rubia, who Orengo has conveniently avoided to recognize were the main cog of the effort with others like Raila, Gitobu Imanyara, Kiraitu Muriungi and the young activist Orengo was the youth wing for the maestro at the time. Thank God that Raila escaped the real wrath of Moi that befell on Matiba, who was detained with Rubia only to come out in a vegetative condition due to torture and chemical terror he ecountered. Rubia too came out a lamed man, has remained totally ruined. Raila survived the odeal and later formed his own party after disagreeing with his dad Oginga Odinga who together with Matiba, Muliro and others had formed FORD, the very original. Orengo, Michael Kijana Wamalwa, Paul Kibugi Muite, Gitobu Imanyara, George Mosseti Anyona were the youthful supporters like the Mbadi, Junet, Kaluma,Joho etc that we see today. What is true is that Raila has been in the trenches for a long time but had no patience. He would have easily become the 4th president after Kibaki haf he not rocked the NARC boat. His hurry to the presidency driven by his over drive ambition is his own enemy. It's sad that Orengo has not given Raila good counsel but missleads him to short cuts that will never deliver. When Raila's wife mama Fidel turned away all these politicians from her home she had seen the sign that they were misdirecting Raila and with Orengo as next heir of the ODM throne, he has an ambitious plan to expedite Raila's exit from Kenya politics. Brilliant and strategic guys like Prof. Peter Anyang Nyong who was key driver of Raila's past politics has been edged out by the Orego team and relegated to County level politics in Kisumu. We just saw how Peter as governor for his Kisumu county moved quickly to reach out to his Kericho county counterpart to sort out the clash at their boarder between his Luo people and the Kipsigis on the Kericho side who known to be deadly worriors, and it would have been suicidal for Luos to continue harassing the Kipsigis and blocking the roads. It's also a fact that Kerich farmers and traders supply their produce to Kisumu, without which food sources in Kisumu will sufer save for the bananas and sweet pitatoe that are supplied from the neighboring Kisii and county while Nyamira county serves both Homa-Bay and Migori counties. Perhaps, it's worth mentioning that Orego at his age (early 70s) since he graduated in late 1970s should also be planning to exit activisim on the streets an occuostion of the young blokes like Sifuna, Wandayi, Wanga, Mbadi, Millie, Oluoch and Babu among others.


  3. ORENGO ANAJIONANGA 20 YEARS & BELOW . Hehehehehehehe na ndio hiyo ukongwe umemkamata wacha tu . hujaona penye anaangalianga makaratasi hapo mahakama. paka aongeze boto light ndio aone visuri na bado

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