UHURU will have other sleepless nights and RAILA can now smile - See what MARAGA has done again

Tuesday October 31, 2017 - Chief Justice David Maraga has once again issued a directive ordering all the eight presidential candidates in the fresh presidential elections to file a response to a petition seeking to nullify the just concluded election.

In a statement issued by Deputy Registrar of the Supreme Court, Maraga asked the candidates including National Resistance Movement (NRM) leader, Raila Odinga, who withdrew his candidature, to file a response to the petition filed by Activist Okiya Omtatah.

Omtatah enjoined the eight candidates in the…

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  1. This fool will take the country to the dogs. Who made him CJ?

  2. Whats wrong with the CJ?

  3. if the election was invalid why did maraga vote? haki ya nani tutashindiya hivyo.

  4. The CJ swore by the constitution and his allegiance and loyalty are to the pple and constitution of Kenya and not your mungiki oaths!!! Silly dog!!!Kenya cannot be reduced to a mungiki outfit or mungiki nation!!! Judiciary is an independent commission and we know they managed to deny the Iebc its independence. That explains why we are in this cycle of electoral chaos??? What will happen if our military also gets divided along tribe. You cannot hold the centre by your myopic mungiki mafia agenda. You must respect our CJ and we Kenyans cannot allow some thugs to hold the country at ransom forever!!!

  5. What happened to no reforms no elections? Election went ahead as planned. I dare Rao to tell his gullible followers to force their children to boycott national exams!, Safaricom. When retrenchment comes after the so called economic sabotage, it will be mass exodus for Jang'os who have made Nairobi to be their home. In a "nuclear war" there are no winners just survivors

  6. talk about putting an entire tribe into a trap? boycott everything about kikuyus and we see how you will live in the town.3 quarters of everything from the houses,hotels,vehicles,mboga,maziwa belong to ciana cia mumbi!Hapa nasa imenaswo!

  7. Politics ya Kenya in funny really.wait until maraga uphold uhurus win. It will be NASA turn to throw stones and jubilee turn to praise scok.

  8. How could he have known as a voter and a non partisan for that matter?
    Maswali zingine!!!

  9. There was no Election on 26th October 2017 but just a jubillee opinion poll!
    That is what the petitioners are out to prove in their submissions.
    Just incase you had not grasped the whole thing. Thanks.

  10. Raila will be defeated 20times so no hope there...

  11. Idi Amin wanted to axe Nyanza and Kisumu but Jomo prevented it but there is hope, Russia sold Alaska to America so Uhuru should sell Nyanza and Kisumu to Uganda since UN allows it

  12. Wizi wa kura utaisha.

  13. Let Luo Nyanza secede, the following day it will be Museveni's territory. He's just waiting for Rao to make that blunder, then it won't be fun anymore...ask some guy who claimed to be a king somewhere in UG. What is the corellation between the tyranny of brains some people claim to have and the extreme level of poverty in some 4 counties. It's about application of knowledge to solve problems not the accumulation of knowledge for fame counts. No wonder Jango's are so bright yet soo poor

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