UHURU should fire NIS boss PHILIP KAMERU! The guy is sleeping on his job! How did NIS fluke in DUBAI?

..crucial especially when the country is heading for an election.

For instance, how did IEBC commissioner, Rosylene Akombe’s brother, flee the country without the intelligence realizing anything?

Secondly, why did commissioner Akombe flee the country and announce her resignation from the US without any intelligence from Kenya.

Apparently, that is why the NIS does not have any clue as to what is going on with insecurity in the country.

NIS spends billions of Kenyans monthly in their job but it seems the money is spent in entertaining Nairobi ladies instead of protecting the country’s security.

Uhuru please, Kenyans need a better NIS!


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  1. NIS does is not supposed to do that shit.

    Besides why should Roselyne work for murderers. Wasn't Msando her coworker brutally murdered?
    I salute Roselyne for standing her ground instead of being used by drunkards.

  2. Shallow critism.Those are not threats to internal or external security interests of our country.

  3. Akombe did not flee you dumb head. She just took a flight home!

  4. We will defend our motherland

  5. Whatever English you want to write she is a traitor and does not belong here anymore YES the NIS is deeply asleep

  6. all thieves ,drug lords and fake degrees and even primary school certificate are well represented by nasa lawyers and buddies of naswa principals /bootlickers/sycophants since are birds of same feathers....

  7. why do we give Kenyan jobs to foreigners like akombe who are here for their and god fathers interest...

  8. the person who cleared her to travel to dxb in disguise was to check printing is the problem....since did not as usual inform the nis....if nis were informed of her travel....there was nothing could have done to stop her flying out to nation that is laughing stock al, over the world....

  9. there is nothing kameru could have done after she boarded flight from Nbo

  10. mzungus could have come in to demand her be allowed to travel her second home...that is heaven to her despite cold...

  11. true nsis is a total let down to uhuru. during kanyotu's reign we believed walls have ears.special branch officers were all over even in classrooms!Prof Mwamaka

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