UHURU/ RUTO may never live to see October 26th! See who RAILA has engaged to ensure no elections

...Pwani and all witchdoctors in Kenya, let us come together to achieve this mission,” Jumwa appealed.

The fiery legislator urged the witchdoctors to send bees to polling stations to prevent people from voting.

“Let us ensure we engage witchcraft to scuttle the election.”

“Let us send bees on Election Day to disrupt the process,” she said.

“We Coastal people are known for having the most effective witchdoctors, let us see witchcraft on that day,” she added.


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  2. Prayers of even one person can overturn any witchcraft. This time even those who who don't pray are praying or attending prayers. THEREFORE, BRING IT ON.

  3. We have the GREATEST DOCTOR OF ALL who is OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN!!! On that day LIGHT shall overcome EVIL in JESUS NAME... Amen

  4. if witchcraft was working Raila would have been president twenty years ago, this time getting a post of mzee wa mtaa will be impossible

  5. This is most stupid let them declare war we are ready

  6. Well said Annon at 10.45

  7. Our God will just say one word n all witches wont work.we believe in God a Jumwa.

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