UHURU, RUTO and RAILA ODINGA may die before October 26th election - Reverend OGINDE says.

..caught up in this thing, ‘oh what is going to happen’?”

“We are stuck between NASA and Jubilee,’ Oginde said.

He then went ahead and said that both NASA and Jubilee can be removed by God and that they might not see the repeat presidential elections slated for October 26th.

“NASA and Jubilee can be removed by God and you will see them no more, forever.”

“Uhuru can be removed by God right now and will not see the election.”

“Raila can be removed by God right now and he will not see the election, because there’s a God in heaven.”

“And those of you who have chosen to rally behind these people and fight one another because of them, may you perish with them,” Oginde said.


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  1. Is it God prophesy or you own thinking.I respect the servant of God but they should not misleading people.Let us be prayer worrier and stand in the gap instead of criticizing.May Almighty God take control of our beloved Nation.Kenya for Jesus.

  2. Wow.... That's my Bishop and his objectiveness.... Has anyone ever thought that we could start considering leaders from the church for a start?

  3. Get the context right, when a servant of God says remove does not necessarily mean die, - watch his sermon on the dichotomy after elections you will see light.

  4. A few more bold sermons like the one delivered by the CITAM Bishop from a few more religious leaders in Kenya would surely turn the tide from the current anarchic thinking to that of sobriety. Reminds me of the founding Bishop the Rev. Dennis White and his successor the bishop emeritus Obonyo. These CITAM men of God have grit. Where are the rest of Christendom and how about the other faiths?

    When Kenya burns we shall burn with it while these political types will fly the coop with their poorly-schooled non-Swahili speaking sons and daughters whom were are now being shown as their future successors:-

    KENYANS WAKEUP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!! Kenya has other sons and daughters as well who can rule and lead soberly.

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