UHURU reveals details on why RAILA ODINGA is running to London but promises to frustrate him

..Supreme Court nullifies his win and they were expecting that he will refuse the court ruling and thereby forcing a Coalition Government with Raila.

He said that the same tactic was used in 2007 when President Mwai Kibaki won the elections.

Raila Odinga rejected the results of the election sparking a wave of protests that degenerated into ethnic violence.

However, Raila has denied the allegations that he wants a Coalition Government saying that he won the August 8th polls.


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  1. It is lack of dignity that someone who stole elections shouts shamelessly about nusu-mkate. Kenya is the only country where technology fails a 100% of the time during elections, yet we use technology everyday in banks and it rarely fails. Today, they are denying to tell the world that technology failed again in 2017 elections because they know it would show that there are employees in IEBC who ensure that technology fails. They try to hoodwink people with statements such as "voter veriferication worked", it worked but transmission failed and it's the core exercise, so technology failed once again.

  2. It is only mad person who can believe that Raila victory has been stolen for six times.This total total madness.

  3. Could someone tell all who are interested that Technology never voted, never signed forms and thus should not bear all the blame. Those shouting from the rooftops new in advance what would happen. they made everything fail. Come to the current. If they are genuinely interested in having the people's will, can they go to repeat polls and get their purported win repeated. After all their voting block is still intact from their narrative

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