UHURU now reveals the Intel that NIS gave him about RAILA before MARAGA nullified his victory

..drag the country in order to force a Coalition Government.

The President revealed that he had received intelligence information about Raila Odinga before the Supreme Court ruling that invalidated his August 8th victory.

“I had prior information that his (Raila) hope was that I would reject the court’s verdict and our people would fight so that he could call foreigners to mediate a Coalition Government,” Uhuru said.

Uhuru warned Raila to participate in repeat polls, failure to which he will be automatically declared winner and will go ahead to be sworn in as President for another term.


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  2. Kenyans twasema, NO KOFFI ANAN. No one should dare to come tell us to have Raila as our leader at any level. We reject him in the strongest terms possible.
    His stupidity has made all of us go hungry since August- Luo, Kikuyus and everyone alike. He is a curse to this Nation and we have devalued him except a few goons that he buys cheaply from amongst our brothers to go dare the police bare chested as his children continue to eat life with a big spoon. Tumeerevuka.
    Sisi Wajaluo hatujafaidi miaka hiyo yote ya kumfuata yeye na babake wakitufunza tabia baya za mawe na matusi. Tumemaskinika na kufa tu. Yeye na family yake ni rich kama Kenyatta's tu na hatwambii yeye huiba wapi.He does not tell us where his own family steals from, yet they are filthy rich.Ukweli usemwe.
    Aende zake na kutuacha tuendelee yaawa!
    Achieng-nyar Gem


  4. Even if IEBC prepare a fresh poll after 90 Days Raila will still withdrew now what next.

  5. Woie si muonjeshe kiti kiasi asitoke tu bure kaa mpakuzi wa punda.Na iyo lecture anenda brito ni ya ukweli ama ni ya kuwafunza namna kurusha mawe?

  6. The King of the 4skins has done so much for the Country that We cannot just let Him Rot in Bondo, Just make Him an Ambassador in the South Pole.

  7. Sad that Luos cant notice Raila found Kibera clean but Raila left Kibera full of Flying Toilets, If He becomes President, Kenya will be Full of Flying sheet and Tourists wont Come

  8. Enter your comment...
    Such reckless utterances are dangerous @ this point in time. we need to shun off from any utterance that may tempt to divide us as a country. #LOVE KENYA

  9. Raila,leave the country in chaos and go to get paid for lectures abroad, what kind of statemanship is that?

  10. Raila on paid lectures overseas

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