UHURU is a zombie and he is embarrassing us, RUTO is running all over him and we see it - Jubilee supporters

..businessman, Jimmy Wanjigi, has left Jubilee leaders with an egg on their face because Raila Odinga has gained a lot of political mileage by protecting and sleeping inside Wanjigi’s palatial home in Muthaiga.

“We are tired of this President.”

“He is embarrassing us daily.”

“Who is advising him or is he just a zombie President and Ruto is running the Government?” Irene Muthoni told journalists.

 “We want the President to behave like a President and not like an activist, we are tired of his political shenanigans,” Maina from Muthurwa said.

The supporters asked Uhuru to sit down with NASA leader, Raila Odinga, and chart the way forward for this country.


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  1. Wajinga hawajui chechote.
    If Uhuru wins on 26th he will be drinking everyday and ruto will be the president for the next 5 years.
    uhuru haachi pombe na vangi.

  2. Egg on his face? Nonsense! Now we know who RAO's financier is. He is no longer gossip. We also know he is a dangerous gun totting man. Our president is a quiet man but don't take it for weakness. He learnt his lesson.

  3. no dialogue with NASA debe itaamua na huo ndio utaratibu,mambo ya kando hakuna!!

  4. the president cant dialogue with ols senile gays who spend nights with their fellow men.no wonder they have been advocating for gaysm.

  5. kenyan post wacheni ujinga....now you are supporting waizi na majambazi wanjigi na raira....

  6. Zombie president in deed!

  7. Ruto the incorrigible thief does not have the moral authority to say how elections should be conducted in Kenya..He thinks that if NASA takes over he will have his day in court for his ill-acquired wealth

  8. Hii kuongea ni nini ama ni mkate ka slice Kenyans lets respect institutions supreme court said elections in 60 days what is this epidemic among Raila and his confused cronies of dialogue, to solve what problem that elections will not sort out.

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