UHURU almost fainted as a result of the SHOCK he got in MARAGA’s home turf! Here are PHOTOs

….positive agenda which Jubilee stands for.

Here are photos of Uhuru rally in Nyamira which is the home turf of Chief Justice, David Maraga


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  1. it is unfortunate that leaders can just accept to be cheated this way!! the president do not know that people were being paid ferried to his campaign rallies just to please him eeehhhh waaa...

  2. Ferried Crowds from nandi after consuming bang, changaa and bosaa to be able to cheer like mad people. They look and smell "Kale". They are our brothers and sisters and they are always welcome to kisii to come and cheer UHURUTO because we shall never waste time on the two thieves who have stolen from us the poor leaving us in destitution. They have cheated us and failed to fulfil the first term promises, how can they expect another term with fresh promises. waende hukooo. we have better things to do in kisii and make sure that Kenya is fed from our sweat since we have all that it takes for good agricultural produce. Thank you Nandi bros and sizes for accepting 500 kshs per day each time they come. we do not need that stolen money. you are enhancing their theft by accepting that money and being ferried each day in lorries. but that is what pleases you, keep it up. the politics of ferried groups. i wonder WAA! my mother gaki?

  3. Ferried or not ferried is immaterial. Uhuru will still win. Endeleeni kufuata huyo Baba Raila. Baba will flop in the upcoming elections and he won't know what hit him!

  4. Uhuru is Gods favor wacha wivu.Kisii stand firm for fact.If Maraga did wrong why should they praise him .Let him learn from the mistake he did . UHURU NI WETU

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