This is what UHURU said after AKOMBE resigned and fled to New York - He is afraid like a cow

Wednesday October 18, 2017 - President Uhuru Kenyatta has issued a statement after IEBC commissioner, Rosylene Akombe, resigned.

Akombe, who fled Kenya to New York said on Wednesday morning that she has resigned based on doubts on whether the October 26th election will take place.

But in Press Conference at State House, Uhuru asked Kenyans to pray for the nation, asking God to guide a country, he said, badly needed God’s grace.

President Kenyatta asked…

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  1. UhuRuto, you want to pray? Good! But then do it right, Postponed the damn elections until next year, fire the entire IEBC cabal of leadership, then call a week or two of prayers and fasting by all faiths in their own ways culminating on a national day of prayer on 12th of December and Jamhuri Park. No celebrations, just prayers... Then reconstitute IEBC properly and meritoriously and we confidently go to elections in 2018. What the heck, call in the UNDP to fund the polls and we save us some pesa.

    Meanwhile check this out - Wimbo wa Taifa remake:

  2. She should be stripped of Kenyan citizenship and required to surrender her passport. It is for people like these that Kenyas democracy is in such state.

  3. At least U.K looks like he's got bullocks these days. Before he's been behaving like Chebukati Yaani balless. Even chebukati is talking like he's been stung by a bee. He should be threatening the political class with a red card. Not the bloody yellow card!

  4. Oh I'm so sorry Anonymous 18 October 2017 at 08:39. If this was your hope for your party to get to power through the back door, ops! try again in 2022. Devil worshiping has no place in our beloved country Kenya. Just watch how God loves Kenya after next weeks polls.

  5. it is in public domain marragaa ,akombe, raira ,wanjiggi ,soros are axis of evil......but will fail to in their heinous plans ...mungu ako na Uhuruto..

  6. yes she shud go to usa for good and cease to be Kenyan immediately ....ugly even with all enhancement she looks and thinks like chimp...

  7. ANON 15:15

  8. Hey Editor, when you say the President is afraid like a cow....take caution, I warn you as a fellow Kenyan.
    Hey guys, Wacheni matusi, dumisheni amani Kenya.
    Big Bro is watching what u post. Take care

  9. The present constitution is so incomplete. It needs some serious thought and several amendment.

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