This is what UHURU said after AKOMBE resigned and fled to New York - He is afraid like a cow

…religious leaders to lead Kenya in the national prayer period.

The path since the Supreme Court decision has not been easy for our country, but we thank God for seeing us through,” Uhuru said.

“Now, as we walk towards the 26th of October, as a God-fearing people, we beckon our God to give us divine guidance to fulfill our constitutional mandate, and we will.” Uhuru added.

In the presser, President Kenyatta, who did not take questions from reporters, avoided the subject but said the election would go on as scheduled.


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  1. He is telling people to pray and yet he is still killing jaruo. and sending his homeguards to nasa supporters and planting weapons on them. what prayers are those?

    Iende akakunywe pombe zake awachane na wajaruo? aint they kenyans like the rest of us? mbuzi wewe.

  2. kajikune mkundu

  3. Hypocrite ...please raila give us fire arms we shall not sit a wait thes nugus attacking our generation....lets all raise and fight back like mogadishu....I have nothing to loose after all, am a poor man living in ghetto Simba talk now

  4. Ni jaluo gani inayouliwa na kwa nini.
    Does anyone imagine a sworn govt will sit and watch people get anarchick simply because they are a small bunch of hooligans from a specific tribe. If you are poor, blame yourself and your leadership that lied to you since decades ago:you refused to work waiting for Raila to be president so you get a share of other people's hard earned possessions. Raila and family are a stinking rich lot. Think again.

  5. There is no need of calling for prayers in the morning and when it reaches in the evening you insult your colleagues like something else.Please let's be talking from the bottom of our heart and save this from burning.

  6. let githumo be like mugadishu you fool

  7. Plse don't cheat yourself by saying Jaluos are poor, who is more poorer,homeless in the name of IDPs because few people are seating on their land, oppressed si mkatiwe mashamba if they care about you

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