This is what the international media has said about UHURU’s re-election – This is bad news for Jubilee willing to negotiate after election boycott", the Guardian reported:

"President Uhuru Kenyatta has raised the prospect of negotiations with his opponent as millions of Kenyans voted in a contentious election rerun marred by a widely observed boycott and sporadic violence."

According to the London based newspaper, the rerun is the latest twist in a long and increasingly chaotic political saga, which has polarised the country, and looks unlikely to end soon.

"Voting was brisk in areas loyal to Kenyatta, though even there, the turnout appeared to be significantly lower than for the previous election in August.”

“The opposition boycott is likely to tarnish the credibility of Kenyatta’s victory and the result will inevitably face further legal challenges, analysts say."


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  1. who are these international community....they caused Syria ,yemen ,iraq etc suffering and deaths and do not have audacity to speak anything about Kenya

  2. Kenya is sovereign nation and do not want any coaching etc abot elections....

    people are hungry and working in their farms and others could not afford fare or walk in rain just to vote.

  3. elections dats shud be changed to December when everyone even those outside Kenya can vote when visiting families...

  4. they have been mum since it was discovered supreme court used forged/fake iebc information not one was presented to them.....thus cause of annulment...

  5. annulment to them was good so as their western companies continued to supply technology etc and thus eating foolish afican pesa...

  6. The so called international community are only those funding oppositions to overthrow a government

  7. With or without international opinion,uhuruto are fraudsters in everything.They organize fraud in elections,money of country and bribe even church.The duo can form laws with their two cacoons without shame and even participate in mockery birthday elections happily.They are an embarrassment to kenya

  8. At least international media tried to assist us after kenyas githeri media conspired with government to blackmail us by refusing to cover events faithful.stupid kikuyu media

  9. Why is everybody International thinking 'Kenyans' mean a small bunch of people from Raila's tribe? KENYA'S PROBLEM IS ONE DICTATOR CALLED RAILA. a POWER HUNGRY NIHILIST who creates poverty then attempts to ride on the poor to get to top office. The most blatant liar that ever lived.
    Kenyans are disgusted by UN which seems to be under manipulation to secure some individuals and countries interest in Kenya by fuelling bloodshed. WQe denounce Roselyn Akombe, a very dishonest woman and mercenary for imperialists, besides being a mouth piece for evil Kofi Annan. Can Kofi Annan pull his filthy beak from Kenya.He is war Lord .

  10. international have their own interest and that's why they planted Akombe and other moles to influence the court in their favour,so far they dont mean well for kenya.let them stay out off these

  11. Those are dogs for hire, they can say anything. It is common knowledge they are looking at the upcoming oil boom; no wonder even their press is castigating Uhuru albeit in hidden opposition support. Kenya is not administered from foreign countries.


  13. Rao has no international support save by George Soros, wanjigi, kony & bisege


  15. tell them Kenya is a sovereign state, respect to them doesn't mean we are cowards ,we cant let Kenya go Libya way-idiots!Prof mwamaka

  16. WHO FINANCES RAILA AND WHY? Kenyans know that the Mzungus through the civil society groups fund the opposition to distabalize Kenya. The international criminal court which is supposed to move expeditiously and arrest some crazy individual from burning the country waits until thousands are killed to step in. Kenyans know and the whole world knows who causes election violence every electioneering period but the ICC turns a blind eye just to indict the wrong people later. Going by what is happening in my country Kenya, if the ICC fails to indict the culprits to seek justice for the dead and the maimed,then the whole world would know that court was constituted for a different reason other than what they want everybody to believe. Time to prove to many countries that the institution is not a political court but a court to dispense justice is now. Nganga. kikuyu

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