This is DONALD TRUMP and THERESA MAY’s message to RAILA ODINGA! Everybody is angry with him.

..constitution has to be followed to the letter unless the courts make different decisions.

They said the Supreme Court ordered the election to be held in 60 days and every Kenyan had a duty of ensuring the election is held and Kenya moves on.

“Solutions to Kenya's current challenges must be found in its constitution, not outside it” US Ambassador, Robert Godec, said.

The Ambassadors further urged President Uhuru Kenyatta not to sign into law the amendments to election laws passed by both houses of parliament. 

“It is unacceptable for political interference to occur. It should cease.”

“Undermining institutions fundamentally undermines democracy,” Godec said.


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  1. Well spoken and eloquently put. The Constitution for which many Kenyans lost lives and loved ones or maimed for the rest of their lives must be upheld and respected by all. There was no way the Diplomats would justify overlooking the Constitution and then have moral authority to talk about democracy and the rule of law. This is exactly why Donald Trump is president of US today despite not winning the popular vote. Majority of Kenyans have been waiting to see if US, UK and EU in particular will be manupilated to jostle Raila into a power sharing quick fix unsustainable form of temp government that does not meet the satisfy the sovereign people of Kenya. The resignation and return of Dr. Akombe to her country where her allegiance lies is a welcome development to delink NASA & IEBC, which has cut off the leakes that IEBC found systematically flowing into the hands of NASA as soon as decisions were made by the Chairman or the Commission.

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