THERESA MAY sends a tough warning to UHURU for killing innocent supporters of RAILA using police (militia)

...prosecuted for their crimes.

Above all, he urged the police to exercise maximum restraint and use of less force against NASA demonstrators.

“I urge security forces to exercise maximum restraint and call on demonstrators who are exercising their Constitutional rights to do so peacefully.”

“All allegations of abuses on the part of security forces should be fully investigated and action taken against security personnel found to have committed violation,” the statement read in part.


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  1. But Theresa May,we ordinary Kenyans also want you to realize we have a right to life and protection of our property. We need safety to go about our business. When this war Lord Raila and his followers(politicians in his movement) arm youths to kill people who voted and destroy businesses belonging to some ethnic community, when Raila always directly pits all other tribes against one and now 2, does the West care? We do not see you raise a finger against this. Does it mean Kikuyus are in Kenya by mistake?
    Then, when Raila goons confront the police very violenly as the latter stand by to prevent loss of life and propery, Theresa May, tell us how the police should respond to this.
    Infact, Kenyans are tired of being lectured by the West that just jumps into our affairs for the sake of it or for the sake of encouraging Raila to mess up further.
    Theresa May, it seems your police are better trained or you do not understand the challenges here, you talk out of naivety.
    We desire that the West gets more proactive than reactive in the way they respond to our issues. They always seem partisan and always taking a position of the opposition is always right and should be let to get away with everything. This too is not democracy but archaic-ism.
    Theresa May, may be you could offer for your country to train our police on how to handle violent, thieving and murderous,drugged up and paid demonstrators. You could also help with weapons appropriate in such situations.
    Give appropriate advise to this Raila who always thinks he is the only best alternative for this country, yet a shameless dictator in his own party and keen on impoverishing his followers in Kibera and Nyanza for easier manipulation.
    Theresa, ask Raila who manages the funds he begs around the world to push for democracy in Kenya. You people(west) look ignorant or hypocritical to us Kenyans and we are very suspiscious of your motives.
    We wonder if you are over with the colonial mentality and desire,or you do not just look for weak personalities to make it easy for your dirty agendas against Africa to sail through.
    Theresa May, we get upset by the Westerners underhanded means in pushing for their interests with Africa.
    Theresa May and counterparts, note ,this is not the Africa of yesterday. We read you from very far. We are all eyes, ears and minds open.
    NEGOTIATION TABLE!!!! As equals now Theresa. Stop this sadism too about Africa. Do not forget we are under JEHOVA AND WE ARE SAFE NOW.

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