There will be no election on October 26th – CHEBUKATI sends clear signal after AKOMBE’s resignation

..pleaded for political dialogue between political prayers.

“I shall not go down as the National Returning Officer that led the country into a further crisis than I found it,” said Chebukati.

He also said he will not tolerate any threats on his commissioners any more.

Meanwhile, Deputy President William Ruto has said that there will be an election even if all commissioners resign.

“They can do all the resignations they want but there will be an election on the 26th,” said Ruto.


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  1. Chest thumping bwana Ruto ndio hatutaki saa hii. I have not been paid, my shamba has been invaded by army worms, i cannot access medical services and my MCA is acting meaner than an alley cat. The MPig, the Senator and that unknown functionary aka Women Rep are hard to reach whereas as my Guv'nor is beset by a court case, a corrupt civil service and clandes. And to top it all, my landlord, mama mboga, mzee makaa nkt are all after my neck. Where do you think my next meal will come from? Yep that is right, you clowns in gated and guarded homestead will have to part with some big soon. Or do you think we are here to eat teargas form those coppers all day and week on your behalf for ever without being paid? Just think this thing through and you will know it is quite unfair, really! Payday is soon coming if you politicos keep yapping the way you do!

  2. Ruto tongue is always full of abuses. He has spoilt a lot foe Uhuru. If it were not for him Uhuru would have united Kenyans in this elections and even won hearts of many.

  3. @ 8.27,I know you are NASA by that hatred you all have for Ruto. My advise, go jump in a lake and, if one is not big enough, jump in two.

  4. William Ruto,the most foolish politician of the 22nd century,so foolish to realize that even the kikuyu pple are now tired of his stinginess/what form of human being this ape conforms to.its all intelligence not social frustration,the life presidency of 2022,is far time affair that is beyond the reasoning of this idiot

  5. This country needs DP Ruto who do not entertain mediocrity more than any other time, kudos Bwana DP

  6. Let the truth be told it is Ruto who has made Ohuru very unpopular with Kenyans.He is always full of abuses,chest thumping and arrogance which cannot heal this country.

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