Swallow your pride and talk to RAILA ODINGA if you want our great country back - MAALIM tells UHURU

..cede ground and allow for the repeal of section 2A of the constitution when the situation seemed to spiral out of hand.

We are faced with a constitutional crisis. This is the moment that will separate the men from the boys. Uhuru seize the momen t&Talk to NASA,” Maalim said.

Presidency is a very lonely abode. There comes a moment when one should listen to oneself only &the nation. Moi 1991in Kasarani repealed 2A,” Maalim added.

He said Uhuru should behave like a gentleman and sit down with Raila Odinga to chart the way forward for the country.


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  1. Maalimu who should talk to who? Why don;t you first convince raiya to either sign the withdrawal form 24A or stick to campaigning for the ballot on 26th. He cant get to the throne through the back door. He cant dictate everywhere what should be done to suit him and when he fails he moves on to more demands. He goes to supreme court and rules in his favour. Then he defies same court by driving IEBC out of town and IEBC is independent. He later states that no court can compel him to do anything. Why? Who does he think he is? The law? The messiah? That joke the likes of maalim and atwoli are advancing is pure crap. Parliament is the mandated talking house where raiya and Prezzo Uhuru has representation. Any talks should happen there not behind the scene deal cutting.

  2. Maalim, on that you have failed,cant you follow the due procedure of democracy as you proclaim to be, no shortcut to the statehouse,help Raila to compain for more votes

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