State House in terror as RAILA ODINGA is set to be sworn in as 5th President - UHURU may go into exile

...use the August 8th results to declare Raila as President-elect and make arrangements for his swearing in.

“From Monday, October 30, this country will proceed in a direction Uhuru Kenyatta will not understand.”

“This is not a joke because if Baba (Raila) says fire, we fire.”

“If Uhuru uses the results from the October 26th election to boast that he is the president, we as NASA will use the results from the August 8 election because if the servers are opened, it was Raila who won the Presidential elections.”

“They must keep this sham election very far from us,” Orengo said.


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  1. That's the day you will understand the meaning of the word "government"

  2. Useless, orengo come out and tell the truth why are you duping Raila when you know you are running in for the seat.

  3. Stop telling us, let him dare; remember Kamiti prison is still operational.

  4. try brother, and the next I will hear you say is you are being profiled! Prof Mwamaka

  5. NASA should continue dreaming, Kenyans have spoken through the ballot both on 8/8/17 and STAMPED the same on 26/10/17, Nasa is now a resistance movement, soon and very soon?????.

  6. Kenyans are tired with Uhuru , IEBC cannot fool us with cooked figures and we cannot allowed Uhuru to rule us(KENYANS) again #JUBILEE ARE DREAMING,PRESIDENT ELECT IS NON OTHR THAN DR.HON. RAILA AMOLLO ODINGA

  7. I think it has reached a point wakenya tu anze ku uwana ndio hizi madharua zi ishe. let us go Rwanda way. ama vipi? osechare ga aminga! thoooo!

  8. Hurricanes, storms, floods, volcanic eruptions,man and his madness can all come together and form a whirlwind but,the will of God prevails. And, His Will is done.......

  9. "if baba says fire we fire" sycophants...even lawyers AKA learned friends will fire if baba says fire.

  10. Hapo dio ujinga imekufikisha orengo. i thought you are one of the learned friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Orengo your intentions are now loud and clear you are leading Baba in a fix then you take over shame on you back stabber.

  12. this guy orengo is misleading kitenda all the tyme....rememmber kuna God orengo a ruler comes from God dont take power by force coz u cannot make it.try 2022 kama watapata

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