See what TRUMP has told UHURU to do with RAILA after being declared winner of repeat Presidential poll

...violence experienced in the country following the October 26th elections and wants leaders to publicly reject violence and keep peace.

The US Ambassador appealed to both Uhuru and Raila to avoid violence and control their supporters to desist from acts of violence.

“The United States is profoundly concerned by the outbreaks of violence in Kenya following the October 26 election.”

“Leaders and politicians should clearly and publicly reject violence and work to keep the peace and make every effort to ensure the supporters do so as well,” read part of the statement.

“We are deeply concerned by reports of excessive use of force by the police; we urge that all such allegations be fully investigated and any officer who have acted outside the law be held to account,” added Godec.


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  1. Use of force by police is not only in Kenya but also in the US.
    Police are not there to hug rioters but to deal ruthlessly with anyone that us unlawful.

  2. Mr. Ambassador (Godec) sincerely speaking whos supporters are causing violence'. Tell the raila man to talk to his mad goons. they are the ones who are looting and doing all bad things. We know Godec supports raila, tell your old man to retire and leave Kenya in peace.

  3. Mr. Ambassador there is nothing to talk about; those rioting can do so until they cannot riot anymore. Tell us Mr. Ambassador, are the riots instigated by Uhuru or Raila? Ask the person who you are proxy of to follow the our constitution to the letter and once he learns to respect national institutions, he will be able to call his dogs off the streets. He is a hopeless, arrogant and misguided faggot.

  4. Trump should keep his house in order first before telling us what to do. Isn't he facing an almost similar crisis, minus stone throwing, at home?

  5. My plea to the minister and ig is to remove police from all the nasa stronghold especially Kisumu,migori,homabay and bondo where I have seen the rioters professionally throwing stones at the police for their safety coz if everybody else is accusing them of excessive force to such "murderers" rioters who have even shuttered the jaws of a policeman ,robbed them off guns and harmed them while one of them was arrested at githurai for posting himself in the facebook with an AK 47 and swearing to "go down " with as many "dogs" as possible ,them its only fair waachwe peke yao!Prof mwamaka

  6. MrGodec is big joker.Clinton won the popular vote in American and Trump has not been told to hold dialogue.Jubilee in kenya should be left alone to form GK!!!What is the meaning of Democracy anyway....Joshua bongers should be left to cry foul as usual.We kenyans are used to his tears! lies and propaganda

  7. Mr Ambassador, if you truly believe in that democracy you preach to Kenyans, respect the people's choice of leadership. We hold elections every 5yrs to elect a leader who we believe is capable of taking the country to the next level in terms of development. If we encourage the idea of dialogue every time a person loses an election, then the electorate would not see the need to hold elections in the future instead leaders can be sharing positions at will. Election is a competition like any other and there is always a winner and a loser. Do not pretend that you want peace in Kenya and you know who causes problems every 5yrs and I have never had you condemn his actions. If you believe only dialogue can prevent riots and bring people together, why didn't Americans encourage the same and the power sharing between Trump and Clinton? PLEASE GIVE US A BREAK! NGANGA. KIKUYU

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