ROSELYN AKOMBE finally reveals who she has been working for in IEBC and you won’t believe it!

..escalating political temperatures in the country by wanting to force an election without the input of the Opposition.

She noted that it would be catastrophic for the country to go to an election while ignoring the Opposition under the leadership of Raila Odinga, who garnered more than 44% of the votes during the August 8th General Elections.

“You cannot wish Raila Odinga away and you cannot ignore his force.”

“For someone who got 44% of the votes in the last election, you cannot anticipate an election by wishing him away,” Akombe said.


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  1. no one ignored the jaluo in chief......all he thinks is to win thru back door using judges..etc...but it can never happen...

  2. after all he is one who withdrew from race one can force him he has said it himself.......but case he is looser in chief...ata voting ifanyiwe mars...

  3. Yes baba cannot be ignored if he says no elections then no elections. baba is bigger than the constitution and sc

  4. We respect Dr. Akombe and Kenyans were looking up to her to help her weak Chiar Wafula Chebukati to steer the IEBC boat out its mudled waters. Most of Kenyans knew all along Akombe was a NASA mole togther with the chair and both tried as much to run a show on their own. This did not auger well at all with the other five commissioners and you really can't blame them for standing firm. None of them is a fool even if they are not as vocal as Akombe has proove to be even to the extent of overshadowing Chebukati since he is obviously a slower thinker and not as eloquent. There is no doubt Akombe was leaking IEBC decisions and plans to NASA in record time. It's deceitful for Akombe to play victim of the other commissioners and the Secretariat, which has been painted in very dark colors.

  5. Yes Akombe! I agree with you you cannot ignore someone who got 44%! But our constitution has a different position on this which is 50% +1, and if my memory serves me right Muthamaki got 54%+.......

  6. Don't you think you wondered out of your jurisdiction? Your job was to oversee maneno ya elections...

  7. AKOMBE was a NASA mole all along. No wonder she left her job to accept what she says was 30% less salary at IBCE compared to what she earned at the UN. NASA must have handsomely paid her...the truth will come out some day.

  8. it is good you agree he garnered 44% of the votes and not more...meaning he lost

  9. True ANON 04:14. Akombe has let out the vat from the bag that Uhuru won while raila was second with 44%. Why then did maraga invalidate the election?

  10. Akombe has confirmed RAO lost. We thought that now that she is in a safe haven in the US, she should surely spill the beans!!
    Funny she is confirming that actually RAO lost the election. Then why torture Kenyans with a lot of English in the courtroom?

    She should be surcharged.

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