RAILA’s goose is cooked as OMAR HASSAN finally defects to UHURU’s Jubilee days to the repeat polls (PICs)

...strategizing for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaigns in the region.

“Omar is also assisting in developing a campaign strategy plan ahead of the October 26th poll,” a source said.

Omar Hassan quit Wiper Party in September and has now ditched NASA completely.

See the photos;- 


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  1. Body language shows that he is in dire need for money....its you Hassan who took Uhuru to The ICC now the chicken has come to roost...next you will die mysteriously ypu have nothing to add to Jubilee but time yako ya kufa kimaajabu imefika...mark my words.

  2. You recruited and trained witness to fix the Uhuru and Rutto...check the body language..there he is struggling to fit in the ruling coalition.....

  3. Omar was not in NASA from the beginning. These are not news. That is why non of the principles wasted his time campaigning for him.TIBIM

  4. Sawa Bwana Omar. No one want to be identified with a thug of RAO's description. Call the idiotic Kalonzo to your side as he doesn't seem to see the ship is sinking.

  5. The King of the Foreskins must read the writting on the Wall

  6. We dont want him/her in jubilee....shenzi he called for mass execution of Kikuyu community

  7. Commissioner Omar Hassan continued, unabated, in his bellicosity; his dangerous chest-thumping; his contemptuous (tasteless) arrogance and gospel of naked negative ethnicity, unapologetically, despite strong reactions including an emotional one from the Kikuyu Council of Elders. In fact to use his own words, in his Standard on Sunday article of today (4th December, 2011), “I need to pick up from where I left from my article last week”; stating that he has learnt to “ignore theatrics where nondescript activists attempt to prejudice others through frivolous and malicious allegations by attempting to engineer a public reaction.”

    · Omar went on: “I do not favour the ‘kid glove’, glossy, ‘sanitised’ debate on ethnicity. This is why ethnicity never goes away! The facts around ethnicity in Kenya are obvious. The Constitution demands an audit and a ‘readjustment’. We cannot stifle debate on ethnicity and take ‘cover’ behind hate speech.”

    · But in what appeared to be a well-calculated move and one aimed at hurting those against Omar Hassan’s sentiments; hurting those against negative ethnicity and pathological hatred targeting the Kikuyu; hurting those against the politics of deceit, trickery and falsehoods associated with the PM;

    · Hurting those who maintain that Raila’s satanic, murderous negative ethnicity strategy of 41 against 1 principally led to the PEV, triggered by his refusal to concede defeat, refusal to petition at the High Court and call for mass action to make Kenya ungovernable; hurting those who advocate that (those) illegally occupying other Kenyan’s properties should surrender the same immediately, et cetera, got support from political conman Wambugu Ngunjiri.

  8. The youngster (honing his skills under the tutelage of political failure Peter Kuguru, Commissioner ODM-KPU, Central Kenya) said, as reported in the Standard on Sunday today (4th December, 2011): “The average voter accepts that after Kibaki, it will be difficult to have another Kikuyu (president) whether he fairly or unfairly comes to power. By virtue of his experience and struggle for political pluralism, the Prime Minister possesses the credentials to lead the country…

    · The Central Kenya voter wants an assurance their presidency would not marginalise other Kenyans to the extent Kikuyu in the Diaspora suffer the reprisals of an exclusive leadership. They are still aware of the causes of post-election violence and would not want a repeat of the same.” It is difficult even to begin to comprehend what this fellow is saying.

    · Let us now listen to lawyer Otieno Weda. The good lawyer says, inter alia, in an article in the Standard on Sunday (4th December, 2011): “The article by Hassan Omar Hassan on November 27 caught my attention for its highly negative ethnic overtones especially coming from a public officer. I found it intriguing coming from a lawyer and commissioner for human rights. It flies in the face of the Constitution and strongly undermines the reconciliation and national healing processes after post-election violence…

    · It has the potential of brewing tension by hardening the Kikuyu against supporting other candidates while encouraging other communities to dig in against any Kikuyu personality. Alienating a group of people merely for being members of an ethnic community, for which none had any say, is dangerous, unreasonable, unfair, wrong, undemocratic and anti-Kenya.

  9. Firstly, Article 27 of the Constitution gives every Kenyan (the) equality to enjoy all rights and fundamental freedoms under the law. Those rights include the freedom to make political choices as set out in Article 38 and to belong to any political party of choice. Such choices include the right to be a candidate and to vote for any person regardless of his or her tribe, religion, race, gender or creed.

    · Secondly, the Constitution recognises and enjoins every Kenyan to appreciate and celebrate our ethnic diversity. The preamble to the Constitution makes being a Kalenjin, Luhya, Pokot, Meru, or Mijikenda our source of great pride to defend and cherish.

    · Thirdly, the Constitution declares Kenya to be a multi-party democratic State where every Kenyan is free to vote and be voted for and to seek any elective position. One is entitled to occupy any elective office as long as he or she is elected. The vote is by universal suffrage and not tribal electoral colleges. Contrary to what Hassan espouses, no Kenyan should be a victim of birth. The president is not a Kikuyu but a human being with his strengths and weaknesses. There is no justification in wanting Kenyans to enjoy his strengths while asking the Kikuyus to bear the weight of any weaknesses. It is a responsibility for all the electorate.

    · Fourthly, Kenya is still a developing democracy and in order to lay the foundation for a mature nation, each one of us needs to decolonise our minds. It is disheartening that the younger generation is being caught up in the prejudices of yester-years. It is important that the ‘dot com’ generation to which Hassan belongs should be, in practice and theory, working towards a better future…

  10. It is particularly disheartening that Hassan, who is privileged to serve in the human rights sector, is at the forefront of taking us back to where we were in 2007. We must invest in a country of merit, fairness and justice for all. No room must be given to political opportunists and tribal bigots to ruin our still delicate peace. The Constitution places upon each one of us the duty to defend and protect it for our betterment and that of generations after us.

    · Finally, the national values under, Article 10, espouses non-discrimination, equality and democracy. Democracy is the rule of the majority coming to power through free and fair elections. It does not matter how many tribal entities one puts together, if they are in the minority, they join the opposition. It is not fair to bash anybody on account of tribe. Trying to take this country back to the dark ages of negative ethnicity and tribal chauvinism and ethnic rivalry is unacceptable…

    · Many Kenyans don’t care who does the job as long as the job is well done. Kenyans suffer the high cost of living together. The good roads, the economic stimulus package, free primary education, affordable cost of money or improved economic index have not been made exclusive to the Kikuyus. They are enjoyed by all Kenyans.

    · In the forthcoming elections, tribes will play a positive role and candidates will be assessed on account of their ability and promise. We expect Hassan and the tribes he represents to put Kenya first. No Kenyan should make a choice on account of tribe but every Kenyan should be proud of and celebrate his or her ethnic composition and elect a candidate of choice without due regard to the previous presidents. Everybody has an equal chance and may the best of them win!” The good lawyer has spoken. Nothing to add! Everything is in black and white.

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