RAILA reveals UHURU/ RUTO’s scheme to assassinate him before repeat polls - Is it the reason he fled to UK?

..law dictates that you should have protection.”

“As former Prime Minister, and for Kalonzo Musyoka, as former Vice President, we are entitled to have Government-provided security,” Raila said.

“I am supposed to have an office but Uhuru/Ruto won’t give me like they did former President Mwai Kibaki.”

“I had a security team of almost 12; they were all taken away, without me being notified.”

“This just shows Jubilee does not want us to run our campaigns,” he added.

Raila pulled out of the repeat Presidential elections and has since travelled to the Unied Kingdom.


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  1. If he wanted to eliminate you he would have done a long time ago. you have not been in hiding so please stop that whining. why should Kenyans pay for your security when you are bankrupting them? You have called them all kinds of things .

  2. he has a security pls.jubilee is frustrated .

  3. Jakuom, I thought you said you had security and protection from the oracle of Ramogi, where you derive your hyponotising power over the people you refer to as yours/your supporters and often you call them 'all Kenyans' forgetting this is less than 45% of them. No body would be ready to assassinate you because there is reason good or bad for taking your life. When God wished to come and take you with him, not even a security detail of 10000 will protect you no matter how heavily armed they may be neither will Tibim do it. You did not go to the UK for fear of being killed. Surely, that's a dry joke that can not fly. You went to hide your youngest daughter there under Sorros care as well as to collect a little hand out to help you launch NRM and print white top polo shirts, green Ts and youth wing caps. But, oops! You forgot the bottom. So relax, every good life has an end but your will not, not now and never.

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