RAILA ODINGA readying to push for secession if illegitimate repeat election is held on 26th - This is bad

Friday October 20, 2017 - National Super Alliance (NASA), under the leadership of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, has threatened to push for secession if President Uhuru Kenyatta and the IEBC insist on the repeat Presidential elections on the 26th of October.

This was revealed by NASA leaders from the Coast, who said the October 26th election will be illegitimate if it happens.

Addressing NASA supporters at..

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  1. not possible at all.....ata uko spain wamejaribu thru referendrum lakini ...zi...

  2. nyanza inaweza kaa peke yao....after all ata samaki inatoka china....

  3. na aids waende nayo..

  4. Looking for presidential position at all cost.

  5. this will never happen....it has failed in strong ,developed nations.....and wont happen in Kenya just cause of senile person...

  6. daily post...update readers with current news like ,election pictures and videos from various counties,vote counting..not something that will not happens..

  7. daily post ni ya jathes or what...what news..

  8. The turn out was very poor and just confirmed that Rao is a doyen of Kenya's politics. The truth is that the turn was at most 30% and atleast 20%. As a patriotic Kenyan it's very sad to note that the skewed way Iebc has been transacting it's business has some powerful pple strungled it to death. Iebc is virtually on its death bed and is fully to blame for the current cesession demands from the majority of Kenyans. There are some in leadership who think we are still under KANU and think they can armtwist Iebc and get away with it in this age and era!! They suffer from the autocratic Moi style of leadership which is not only outdated but irrelevant. They will declare themselves irrelevant sooner than later!!! The writing is actually on the wall going by voter apathy in their so called strongholds!!! Kenyans are too bright for them. I want to believe that time for us to reject this tribal drive politics is just around the corner!!! That will spell doom for them!!

  9. No, Raila is a nationalist. He sees his struggle as that of a united country not divisions being perpetrated by some of his lieutenants.

    But the country needs a new constitutional conference to address the weaknesses of current copy paste of American constitution. There is need for the post of PM and opposition leaders need to have a place in parliament to keep govt in check. Opposition leaders can not be activists outside of the national political dialogue and process.

  10. ehhh if nation has less of rairas and loose /visionless leader without development record, Kenya itasonga mbele....huyu ni njambazi rao...only anataka uongozi....wazungu wamekataa kuzikiza yeye....na hakuna mahali ataenda.....

  11. Kenya will not be broken by one mad man....power hungry and ex coup plotter

  12. in western world can one be allowed to stand for president if was involved in coup plot and jailed....Kenya katiba shud be changed to stop this nonsense of leaders

  13. We support that path of separation. After all, that is the way it was before the mzungu came. Every tribe had its own kings. we only used to inter trade. It is a good thing for every tribe to rule itself.

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