RAILA ODINGA readying to push for secession if illegitimate repeat election is held on 26th - This is bad

..Rabai and Kaloleni, NASA leaders led by Kilifi North MP, Owen Baya, and Governor Amason Kingi said they will push for secession if an illegitimate election is held on October 26th.

“If Uhuru Kenyatta is elected illegitimately on October 26th, we will have no other option but to push for secession,” Baya said.

“Our Constitution allows secession,”

“We will push for the bill to enable us govern ourselves to end the numerous historic injustices that have persisted since independence,” he added.


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  1. Raila just wants to be in the future history books of Kenya that he was president at one time. It does not matter whether it will be Kenya or the 'half kenya' he is advocating for. The stories of marginalization and injustices are just a cover up. I pity his followers and other NS leaders for they are following him (Raila) blindly. God gave them brains but they do not want to use them for critical thinking and analysis to see the future.

  2. Kenya is a democratic state and embraces democracy and abide by the rule of law which is laid out in our Constitution. The nullification of the August 8 election results is ideed a clear testimony of our political maturity. The Supreme Court oder to IEBC to conduct a fresh election within 60 days in the manner precribed in law and the Constitution under Article 140. This repeat election is a legally binding directive of the Constitution failing which cotempt of court order will have taken place. We must not grace the rule of law under any circumstance. The legitimacy of an election which is a political matter, will need to be looked into by the political class. This shouldn't overide the legal dogma by which we must abide. Kenyans must refuse to be directed to violate the law for whatever reason. Kenya is greater than any politician and it's for thìs reason that there must an election on Oct 26, 2017 and IEBC is duty bound to conduct the election as per the law in all the 290 constituencies in all the 47 counties of Kenya. Boycot of the election in some quarters as NASA has advocated could be a double edge sword, implying it cut either way if a petition to challenge the outcome comes up. If IEBC convinces the court that it made all the arrangements for voting in all the 40,883 polling stations but in some stations in some constituencies voter turn out was appaling or didn't just turn up out of choice. This is tricky and could be ground for the SC to dismiss the petition rather than nullify it.

  3. Session is also 'nusu mkate' even if we use different words.

  4. South Sudan broke away from the former Sudan citing similar reasons the opposition leaders are singing about to justify the secession principle. Every body in the world knows what is happening in South Sudan. It is worse than before they broke away from the former Sudan

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