RAILA ODINGA is Jesus Christ of Kenya - Pure blasphemy from a LUO sycophant in the Diaspora (VIDEO)

Friday October 6, 2017 – An unidentified NASA supporter from the Diaspora has compared NASA leader, Raila Odinga, to Jesus Christ the Messiah and urged Kenyans to worship Raila Odinga because he is the real son of God.

The man, who appears to be a Kenyan technocrat living in the United States, says even President Uhuru Kenyatta knows very well that Raila is Christ the Messiah and that is why he always salutes him.

Many Kenyans are infuriated by this video of a Luo man comparing Raila Odinga to Christ because…

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  1. You will perish with him this is beyond now please Gods people you know where our help come from

  2. blasphemy.. this is why he won't be president. nkt!

  3. blasphemy.. this is why he won't be president. nkt!

  4. Messiah who left Kibera with Flying Toilets can never save Kenya

  5. Raila contain Your Fanatical Followers, If Moi castrated You after 82 Coup, What God can do no Man can do heheheeee

  6. Raila is Jaramogi happy of You or believes He should have used a Condom ?

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