RAILA insults TRUMP/ MAY/ EU and their Governments badly! You are a disgrace for supporting UHURU/ RUTO

…the police will not brutalize our people contrary to what has happened today,” Raila said.

In their joint press conference, the diplomats disagreed with Raila Odinga’s decision to bolt out of the race but insisted that elections should go on as planned.

But in recent times, NASA has accused the team of supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government at the expense of democracy in the country.

On the demonstration, Raila said:

“We have been here before when diplomats abandon us.”

“They did so in Rwanda but we overcame.”

“Demonstrations will go on as planned.”

“Our supporters have been beaten when the same fellows are meeting Uhuru.”


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  1. this old fool is no longer a political leader.he has turned into a terrolist and he should be stopped at all costs.even the international community has seen through his dirty tricks.uhuru should act fast and declare a state of emergency if those judges continue to favor that old ugly tribal chief.

  2. jahe can fool wazungu and his purported cousin EX Super Prezo Obama sometime but not all time........Mzungu with blue eyes have eyes and ears and can know the truth......that baba is power hungry person just like his father.........and both son and father do not have development record......

  3. Of course the senile fella only believes things are okey when they go his way and not otherwise. These diplomats are DIPLOMATS and do not engage in side shows. They have work to do not jumping up and down like juvenile deliquents.

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