RAILA hints on when he’ll retire from politics and leaves KALONZO a disappointed man - He may defect to Jubilee

..supporters that he will push his agenda to the end and will only retire when he deems it fit.

Raila told Jubilee to keep off his age because it is just a number that does not have any bearing on his capability and ability to deliver Kenya to the Promised Land.

“Wachana na mambo ya umri ya mtu. Angalia akili ya mtu, angalia sera ya mtu. Nitastaafu nikipenda kustaafu”

“(Leave my age alone. Look at my policies not age. I will retire when I deem fit,” Raila stated),” Raila stated.


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  1. you cant deny the fact that you are frail and senile.

  2. I saw it coming. I knew Kalonzo atachezwa. However, Hon. Kalonzo can leave NASA and join the Government. That is where we Kambas want to be. Raila, like his father will never rule Kenya. Never.

  3. Where does this leave Hon. Kalonzo wa Musyoka? this man shall never keep a promise his keeps mutating its time Kalonzo moved on with his political career without being Raila's surrogate.

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