NASA to swear in RAILA ODINGA as President of Kenya on Monday or wait for CHEBUKATI’s bungled figures

..use August 8th results to swear NASA presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, if Uhuru Kenyatta tries to use the October 26 poll results to be sworn in,” Orengo said.

"Sisi hatumtambui Uhuru kama Rais wa Kenya na NASA pia haimtambui, sheria inasema serikali ya Kenya itaundwa kikatiba.”

“It is our decision that Uhuru cannot use the October 26th election results to be sworn in, that will be an act of treason,” Orengo added.

The outspoken Senator also revealed that their intelligence team had revealed to them how Uhuru rigged the election by cooking up figures at the IEBC.


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  1. I used to think education would cover up those who never went through the knife- not any more !Try it Orengo

  2. Doesn't their so called intelligence advice them by doing that they would be breaking the law? Dudderheads.

  3. Orengo what kind of lawyer are you misleading Kenyans? You very well know that the August election was pronounced null and void and therefore the figures re not legal. So on what basis will you use the August figures to swearing Raila?

  4. you guys this time is your turn at the hague!prof mwamaka

  5. Rao and Orengo missed being hang for 1982 coup. This time let them try...and it will be over for them. 1982 coup, 2007 OPEV, 2017 election violence. All have one thing in common...Rao & Orengo

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